It's 345 AM...

And I cant sleep. The searing pain in my ankle hasnt let me sleep for 2 days. I've eaten all the Oxycodone w/ no relief.

Like the moron that I am, i returned to work on Monday, worked the firehouse on Wednesday (Not good, not good, not good) and the Pink on Thursday and Friday.

I'm a idiot.


A little black and blue.

I did not know that this little patch of fun was there until this morning. Me and the nurse C are waiting for that big ol' patch of yellow above it to turn as well. Thanks for all the get well wishings.

Helmet getter



The eat it.

Crashed doing 45 on the moped saturday night.

i am now the proud owner of 3 fractured ribs and a fracturde clavicle.

Breathing is such fun.


I'm tired of asking

I'm burnt.

Me no ask no more fo' no quarter.