Down to 2 1/2 hours left of pink.

Its with a tear in my eye that the pink shuts its doors.

From the damn dust and sand prolly; but nah, I'll miss the Ohana here.

2 Days till LV.




KJ and The Bruddah "Keek-a-roo"

KJ turned 2 over the weekend. Thursday to Friday I worked 48 hours straight at Fire. That so I can take off for Vegas next Tuesday with the wife/love of me life for a damn well earned vacation THAT WILL NOT BE INTERRUPTED THIS TIME like Halloweens was.


Pink closes on Sunday morning.

Oh man I can hardly wait.

Then on the 9th, day after we get back, I start at the Moana Surfrider.

It'll be the white hell

It is the OLDEST hotel.

Why these things happen to me I know.

It is because I dont say No.






Mr. Moto turns 2

KJ Tree

KJ loves papaya, so this is his tree I reckon.

Anyhooo. Without a free moment or lack of quandry to rest ones brain bucket; you find that the lack of O2 to the brain makes for some innaressing actions.


Yah I thought so. Its like you know where you are going, and all of a sudden you are all ready there, and yet do not know how the hell you travelled there.

Its been like this for a while now, sheesh.

Soon enough, break time!




Eeee - O - Eleven

Mr. Sammy Davis jr. sang about the wonderous number 11 in craps.

I can hardly wait to dig out from this rock of happiness and head Vegas bound, that my craps shootin' hand is itchy.

Well, that and the fact that this bloody hotel is driving me bonkers; it should be a innaressin' few weeks before they shut the doors on June 1st.

Had 24 hours at Fire, and backed that up w/ 12 hours of OT, making for 36 hours straight, then right to here this afternoon.


I gotta job, and I shouldbe thankful as all hell. I am, but yet the doofus in me only tends to see the extreme dipshited-ness of some of the managers here.

$225.00 for a bottle of JW black scotch is pushing it a bit, ya think?


The dang volcanic haze and lack of surf that I can get to, is playing mind games with doofus boy here.

Kaleo is a ocean's worth of enthusiasim; he makes me 'sit down, Papa!!' to play 'Hot2wheels' with him. The days fly by in his life. He'll be 2 in a week. Jeezus.

I'll shut my trap, and hold my nose, and keep on keepin' on.

Soft breezes and crisp noodles to you all.



The countdown to closure.

Well, its under a month now. Good old Pinkish hell is closing the pink entry for 8 months on June 1st. 26 years of this stuff is gonna seem not-so-bad.

I am full of shit.

Management has embarked on a amazing way of proving that intelligence is a earned commodity. With every passing day they amaze me. We have 555 rooms. We have 24 hour in-room dining. We have a ocean front fine dining restaurant.

We have morons running the show.

Suited ones have cut staff (gee, think they are trying to save on unemployment pay?) Nooooooooooo. Workers have started having frequent "at work" accidents. The plans call for eliminating part of the restaurant, and making the bar bigger, and creating a tropical lagoon pool area.

Didnt they notice the huge freaking Pacific? I mean, it is right there. Of course, they cant know what the staffing will be for the new locations...Duh! Hmmmmm. Wonder if it'll be less? Or the fact that a bar creates more revenue than a restaurant, with more tables turned, etc. Lower overhead and all that bottom line shit.

The little hitler that is the Food & Bev manager staffs 1 waiter for Room service. 1. As in singular.

Its a 500 room Hotel. SUPPOSEDLY 4 star.

There is a cloud or 2 blocking that star rating, I reckon.

But i did go surfing this morning.

Kinda like staying at a Holiday Inn, only wetter.