Full Moon; Surf

Had the full moon fever the other night at Fire; every manic and there speed freak friends were out and about causin havoc.

Its all good tho' Surfy yessterday and surf today.

10 shades of burnt.


What's that noise?

Oh shit, that'd be me coming out of hibernation, and the relative void that is work and home and life and stress and surf and ever eclipsing vortexi of shit like that!

Is vortexi a word? Hell if i know, but it sounds right.

Speaking of sounding right, or left for that matter, WTF is w/ Cokie Roberts? (I mean first of you got the worst nasal drug themed nickname right off the bat) It conjurs up visions of some bad Flock Of Seagulls 80's coke-party video, but I'll digress.

She figured in some speech that Hawai'i is a foreign land - OK I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she has no clue of the year 1959, and the statehood thingy, but the spin doctors tried to shuffle it off as "well, Hawai'i tries to promote itself as exotic and foreign"


I think not, said doofus boy.

And on the subject of being totally incoherent, Kekoa Kahananui (grandson #2 for those keeping a box score) - Had his 1st baby luau the other day which is a great deal of the reason for lotssssssssssssss of OT work at Fire, and 2nd job duties at the Moana.

Taro Brand Poi

The first thing on the B-day morning is getting up and getting to this place at the wonderful time of 630, and hour-and-a-half later than I shoulda. It's downtown near the docks and thats always and adventure. 35 pounds of the wonderous sticky goodness that is Poi.

Dee-Lite Bakery

Then it's off to the Dee-Lite bakery, to pick up the chunk-a-lunka's B-Day cake. I love the name Dee-Lite Bakery. It reminds me of the old time names of buisness like "Dew-Drop Inn" or "Clem's Motorcycle repair and Coffee Emporium" - Maybe not so much on the second one, you know my humour, it's a tad off kilter.

The one that actually stayed readable

Of course with all the running around picking up shi...shtuff and such, I apparently braked too hard some where along the line and the 2nd cake inscription turned into instead of Happy - B-Day Roo (his nickname) it looked something like the translation of War & Peace into Chinese.

Oh well.

No that sand was there already , dear

I didnt stop for a surf check.

I didnt

OK, maybe just a peek.

Just a small kine skoshi look.

OK, damn thats why I was late to the Poi

Of course there is al kines of food, family and friends.

Then you got some killer views from Cathy's cousins ranch in Waimanalo, on the Winward side of the island.

From the Luau area

Rabbit Island (Manana)

Momhawaiianmark came over from the big island and stayed with us for a day before jet-setting back to the quiet that is Honoka'a on the Big Isle.

On a innaressing note, I found what I think is 16mm film of my parents wedding from 1957, I sent it to get it changed into DVD and in 3 weeks it should be wild to find out. Not to mention if it is; the sights of Honolulu in '57 versus now should be amazing, not to mention in plain english.

I plan on blowing my parents mind with it.

He crashed on the way there.

...and was a terror the whole dang party; eating everything (raw fish, soy beans, poi, tako poke, lomi lomi salmon, and everything else)

I did some chasing of Kaleo, I did.

But it's all good, I needed the exercise. Yeah, riiiiiiiiight.

Play with your food, its healthy

Kowboy Kekoa

And thats a wrap.

Take care and thanks for the good thoughts.

Aloha as always.