Kaleo James



Kaleo James @ 2

Took Kaleo to visit my mother in law at the care home w/ the wife. He was playing with the bed and snapped this soooo busted pix of him.

They get big really, really fast,

Deep fried 6 turkeys yesterday; then worked at the Moana's Beach Bar for holiday pay for 8 long hours.

Most of the patrons were pretty cool.

Most got pretty buzzed.

Shoots, Aloha

Hope all had a good 1.



You were so cool.

We'd sit and eat veggies and mayonaise, with shoyu.

You drove that SS Chevelle too fast, and tended gardens so slowly.

6 pearls and 1 stone, and what a diamond you were to me.

I didnt know you spoke fluent Hawaiian for too long; what stories Tutu Lily must have told you.

Riding horseback from Kaupo to the big city(!); gathering goods thrown from the barge.

Smoking that sweet smelling tobacco, I loved playing with your ultra-hip lighter.

Seeing you everyday when running off the field, and yelling "Herb" intead of Herb.

Forgetting your hearing aid and swimming; you drove Grandma nuts.

I'll always love you.

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana, my Tutu Kane.