Just some shots and stuff from the past 365 days that I liked.

See ya in a few (like 36) hours.

Work, as usual, beckons.


Happy Holidaze

I love these guys/girls so much.

Wish I could just run away.


"Lemme help you, bro!"

For use in 15 years

^^^^^^^ Busted! ^^^^^^^

Safety 1st

He was detemined to ride on top of the damn car.

ER, here we come again.


Some shots from today

And so it goes.

Wet and wonderful small kine BS in the water (guys that dont have Aloha) but all in all OK.



Tourism 101


At the pink hell, they have 'parking lock-outs' they dont allow employees to park in the 7 floor parking structure for certain hours. The past 3 days have been such. So intead of paying 2 bucks to park (w/ appropo stamp) you can 1. Catch the bus (cant do that it doesnt go to my house at 11PM)2. pay 8 bucks to park IN THE SAME STRUCTURE (Uh, no thanks FUCK YOU) 3. Park on the street and risk a ticket since you cant feed the meter. 4. Hope it is Sunday and dont have to feed the meter. Ta Da!

Today is of course, Sunday.

The Shoppers

So after looking for 20 minutes, and wasting 10 dollars in gas (approx, cause like I fucking know) I find a spot.

Whooooo hoooo.

And as I get out, this gaggle of young Japanese Tourist girls are asking directions. Let me give a quick synopsis of Japanese Tourist girls. Either thay are rich and from the city, or OK,($ wise) and from the country - and have horrid teeth. The rich are pretentious, but polite, the country girls are shy or, as a group, fairly insane.

The area where I parked is not the BEST area in Waikiki. As a matteer of fact, it sucks. It is a little crack head haven for the most part.

So the gaggle asks for directions to the Duty Free shop that is right on the way to the hell-known-as-pink. So I tell them. In years past, I probably would have given obscure landmarks and wrong turns, but I declined. This group was happy, polite, and giggling to a fault. I know it aint my demeanor, nor cologne, for sure.

So after that,they basically tailed me all the way to the Duty Free Shop. And then they asked to take MY picture. I am a dork. Why would anyone with half a brain want the memory of a dweeble like me in their photos? What has the world come to?

So I took one of them, there were sooo many of 'em I couldnt fit 'em all in the BlackBerry screen.

I hope they shop, have fun, and keep smiling.

My part of Aloha.



Let's Brush

Life gives you issues; make issueade.

Imagine that is a good recipe. Might as well, since you cant make shit out of anger.


Draw up the papers; sign on the dotted line.

See what happens when you do not know how to say No.

Should be interesting.

Not really.

Prolonged long enough I reckon.

Surf is going off.

I should be too.

But nah, fuck it; aint worth it.


Sunrise on the way home from work

2 shots on the way home from work.

Small joy, I guess.


Tofu Grinds.

Fried Tofu blocks.

KJ & Mai Fave

Firm Tofu, Egg washed, Panko Flakes & Furukake (seaweed and sesame seeds chopped)
Dipping sauce - Shoyu, Lime juice (fresh squeezed!) sesame oil and garlic.

Fried in Olive Oil & Sesame Oil & Garlic.

Pretty Good.

Never mind the "experienced" pan.

And we made our first trip to the ER this evening.....4 stitches....Brave as brave can be....so good, hardly cried. What a champ.