Surf Room is dead, now to Azure, the color

Some pix of the new restaurant. No more beach front, Little Kenny. Now we got 500 dollar a day cabanas laying empty.

Tearing out the kids (Maile's) bath,remodelling. Got a Kohler Devonshire Whrilpool Jacuzzi tub (1200 retail) for 400 bucks on craigslist; brand new still in the box,....and not stolen.

Did some of the frame-in......and then was told I put it in backwards. Ah fuck, wasted 2 days doing that, doofus boy.

It's all good.



Diluted Propaganda

Why, Helllllloooooooooooooooooo.

I have absolutely (there is that damn word again) no idea where time and space are going. But I do have some serious swing playing on the radidio; (some D. Martin - "forever cool") and eventho' I am planted at the glorious pink storied palace, I will continue on forthwith.

'Cause you know, gawdamnit, that thats WTF they want ya ta dues, dontcha know?


I can bitch like a mofo when things arent the way they aint suppose to be. And a'course when the thrid reich is spewing its interminable pablum of "luxury collection" verbage and assorted pieces of eight, it better damn well be backed up.

See, I am all about backing up your shit. you talk it, you better walk it. You want aloha spirit personified? You got it. You want bend over back-a-wards to capitulate to your ever expanding demands? Shoots. I will.

Bet your ass that you better not dilute to nothing the crap you attempted to force feed. That "we'll do anything with in moral,decent, and legal realms" mantra better not get thrown out the window at the FIRST challenge to that dictum.

'Cause your word is all you got, and your actions better not reverse when the damn events turn against your privvy ass, ..... dear.

I may be a 50 year old surf rat, a firefighter and Kolohe Papa, but if you want to spew shit, you better get the baby wipes, cause you gonna need to clean up after yerself, Holmes.


Ah, that feels sooooooo much better.


At least for now.


I'll get some pix up of the restaurant as it exsists soon.

Aloha all.


Oh yeah, if you are in the bottom corner of the state of Nevada in the end of May till June 1st.........

We'll be there!


I had to have something to look forward to, ya know.

Aloha once more.


And thats the fact, jack

Life in the fire house is totally a realm of its own. Lemme put it this way - you know what your job is, you know what ya gotta do. Kohnster was my engineer at beloved station 5 for years. You got my back is 1 phrase you carry along with gusto. i hope all I work with know I got their back.

Its like this - I'd sacrifice my life for him.

Why? I know he'd do the same.

Altho' the damn stooge might not see me...a long story I'll tell ya some other damn post.

The other pix is the other one I'd go thru hell and bring back Satans frikkin horns for.

Patience, dedi-ma-frikking-cation people, thats what life as we live it is all about.


Keep smiling!

(UNdercover Aunty Amelia; god bless ya)

Kohnster & Me