'elemakule kolohe tutu kane

Ok man. I just got up leave me alone!
Now I am ready to holoholo!
The face of pure joy of pineapple!
A very old, very beat, very thankful kanaka ma oli.

Warm feelings to you all.



I believe

I believe that the water has many redemptive qualities that I have yet to understand

Youse talkin to me?

...and that full moons really mess with my sleep.

Really i am tring to be less stupid. It just seems that stupid keeps coming out.

Oh well.


It is re-opening time

The Royal Hawaiian (a luxury collection resort) is getting ready for the grand opening on the 20th of January. So yours truly has been in the process of serious brain washing indoctrination of the wheres whys and hows of what the Royal Hawaiian Resort (we aint no damn hotel no more , mofo's) is to be.

Exquistely presented for for your unique perusal is some shots from your resident psychopath.

You see, I have been instructed that the requsite verbage to be used at the RESORT is now to be on the lines of the Queens english so that the visitors paying ....598 rack rate (thats THE CHEAPEST) will know how well we are there at there beck and call since they have....


Nothing like having your own personal servant running around for you, eh?

All in all, they seem to mean well. I mean the management, the staff, the SS....(kidding!)... We will await and see WTF happens. 26 years here, I am juxt waiting to see what this change brings. Def will be innnnnaresssing (homage to Neil)