Hike Day

To the moon, Alice!

Went to the bridge on the way to the top of Koko Head. Beat. They were great.

Merry Christmas to you all lots of Aloha.


Try not to delete me I am here

Aloha and happiness to all. I am stagnate and removed, but still hanging in there. more to come. Love ya all!


Vacation, Life and stuff

Went to Vegas for free, stayed for free, and lost for me. Had fun and took 4 days off to figure out that I am still human an able to remain sane.

Walked Fremont Street w/ Cathy and Aunty, freeeezing cold. Lotsa laughs, and good fun.

I am wondering where I will go from here.



I guess i got a few. Deathhead barrels and surf on tap for tommorow. I plan on living.


Still Alive

No word yet to step2 of grievance. Still humping the hard road of fate.


Surf Review

Shit like this is the only reason I am sane.

Eh. Fuck with me; its Ok.

As figured, the Step1 grievance was a joke, lotta BS and nothing accomplised - well it was, but only in my favor , to make 'em look more moronic than they already are/were. It may be long, it may be irritatin' but the fact is, i aint fuckin bending over......


D Day tomorrow

Start the long battle tomorrow w/ union and hotel. 830 PST. I plan on being very mellow. I plan on being very polite. I plan on expressing myself in the Kings english. I plan on kicking ass, and taking names.

I've surfed. Alot.

Not bad, not good.

But regardless, Neil will be in my head, and in my ears.

I think Powder Finger, and I'm Fuckin' Up, are appropo.

I'm such a restless, incompetent asshole.


A month later

And on we go. Annie you contact me whenever. I am on twitter @hawaiianmark.

Surfed today. thak God/Goddess

And still fighting the Pink. Union dragging. have info on lawyer.

And so we go.


The Termination

A week ago saturday, I was fired from the Pink.

Along with a drug and alcohol addicted son, a home that is torn tot he seams, the powers that be are fucking with me.

So, as it is, I will be fighting corporate fucktards, union disregard, and my own self worth.

I'll keep ya informed.

In the mean time; my guys/gals are fine Maile started college, and I aint dead yet.

Dont fuck with me.

I am unfuckable.


"No go too deep, now..."

"No go to deep, now -you neva going know what stay below and what currents may pull you watch boy,and you going learn, or bumbye, you going make(die, dead, lifeless) pronounced Ma- Kay

What Lies Below

Sitting on the beach so very long ago, he said with just enough concern, just enough caution, just enough respect.

Concern. Caution. Respect. I guess Creedance Clearwater Revival and the myriad of lawyers entrenched in the never ending battle to fuck with people wouldn't approve of abbreviating.

So what. We travel through, around, and with the people on the bus with the wheels that go round and round. Just as easily, we wiper blade away all those that cause us fear, rejection, dismay; disappointment. The rain from those will continue to fall, no matter how far we try to distance ourselves from them. Because they have alighted your life.

No matter the scars that my eldest son contiues to provide on my wretched soul, being, heart; I cant fathom wiping away the person. He has walked out on his family, my grandkids, his children. He has stolen money, valuables, years from us. Removed the possiblity of having or exsisting in any kind of normal life. The lies, manipulations, curses and demands continue in a never-ending yarn of bulsshit and butterflies that die in the damn heat of a bright light.

I dont mind having to be the Dad. I just wanted to be the grandfther first. Thats pretty fair to ask, eh? But fair doesnt exsist. No, fair does not. Why? Because fair would mean that everywhere, everyone gets treated evenly, and that aint gonna happened. Asks the victims of any and all discrimination, hate, bigotry, whatevers. Fair wont come, because fair is 29% interest rates when you aint never late, fair is OK you are approved, ooops, sorry you aint. Fair is 88 hour work weeks nudged ever earning to nothingness due to a lack of respect, common decency, and truthfulness.

So many stares into the abyss of blackness that is what ends. What ends? The end of being. I dont claim to be the first nor the last that will assert that in doing anything you take chances. I guess having a kid is a chance taken; having one that forever breaks your being is one of them. I remember charging into waves that I cant describe, the feeling of just edging into that abyss, and controlling it, as well as the abyss consuming me. The happenchance of surviving a hold down; getting yet another set of stitches or what else I happened to fuck up on out in the blue.

Holding someones lifeless body under my care; and the what if's of the carnage that surrounds it. I stand in awe of the human spirit to survive. How many compressions in CPR before you crack the ribs of an elderly male whose exsistence is fleeting away? Not many. The dead stare. That one eye, dead stare from a young girl. Haunting my brain forever;and yet i think I have problems.

On days when boredom and regularness were aborted mid-shift by the call of a apartment on fire, and dragging a person out of that inferno only to feel the seared flesh ripping apart in my hands. But if he didnt die, all of us would have when the godamn Oxygen tank exploded right after the door closed after removing him. And the fucking door had a auto-close feature; what if it didnt?

After being awake for 24 hours wondering where the hell my son was, since he was 17 and high and drunk, having to go to work; and the first call is a childbirth. deliveing that child in a home where I dont know who lives there, and bringing anotherhuman into this world while mine begins a decent into hell?

Sucking the vomitus out of a baby whose parents were clueless to as to why their child was blue and not breathing? What of that persons life now? Are they happy? I pray so.

I want to quit so badly; I want to escape the damn taped images of shit-i-dont-want-to-remember. I hate to admit the jealousy I feel when I see such happy people/unions that I cant get to occur, no matter what effort I mount. It really disturbs me to feel that way; what the fuck is wrong with me? How can I feel that animosity to unknowns?

I guess I have lost respect of self in the life of living this.

The immense feeling of joy, happiness, complete and utter fascination with the grandkids only (yes, and Maile too) provides a respit to the challenges. I fear greatly that these small journeys will not hold up the onslaught of continued disappointments. Yet, they must.

Whats in the mirror now looks and walks; talks like me, but is nothing of what I am inside.

Time to go to work yet again, to earn to labor for what?

For love.


Kaupo - #900

We used to own the ahapua'a at Kaupo Gap now, I dont even own my own life.

Take care.


That's It,

..I'm done. Aloha.


Noodled. Completely.

And they bitch about...

...the fact that we dont have fucking Lamb Chops tonight.

Fuck 'em.

This place

...just sucks the life out of me. I hate this job. I hate this place.

And all I can do is work.

Thats how it seems.

No matter how much we try, it just doesnt seem to fall in the way things should. It is as if gravity has lost its hold, and everything is just floating away.

The not-so-good-really-shitty-what-else day

My son, the father of the boys, tried to OD on his meds today.

Things suck.


A Day Hike 4 The Guys

1000 + stairs. We made about 700. Pretty cool for a almost 3 y/o and 4 y/o


Pshaw and Pffft and the likelyhood of nothingness

Obviously yours truly has figured out that the world needs me to twitter my absent minded thoughts.

Wars will end, oil spills negated, flowers and good smelling stuffs will abound.

...and more than likely, I will bitch upon bitching about everything pink, luxury, collection, dweebs, dorks and dofi (that'd be the plural of doofus, 'cause there just cant be 1 that I encounter)...Garrans (guranteed) that I will throw in random 140 clips of my views on everything that I waltz upon in this maze of a haze that is my exsistence in controlling 3 terrorists and 1 college child.

Dont mind the queen.

I am sure as shit hits the oscillator that her regalness will find a place in 140 bytes of twitter-dom.

I reckon it'll be mostly pics, but who the hell knows?

I'm feeling like literary miso soup, side order wasabi, and back me up with some sake...



The terrors at play on Twitpic

The terrors at play on Twitpic

Fw: maui on Twitpic

Fw: maui on Twitpic

Fw: Maui suite on Twitpic

Fw: Maui suite on Twitpic


A month later

Last month

And it still aint healed. Pretty sure (well actually, I know) that I have fractured the shin bone. It's kinda innaressing as I cant feel anything to either side of the wound, it is like it is shot up with novocaine. Never got infected, it is just deeper than shit (down to the bone...oops)...I guess time heals all...eventually.

The body is an amazing thing - I'd just like it to amaze-it-self along a little faster.


Fire Ramblings

July 4th was worse than New Years Eve.

Thats realy amazing. Lots of FIRE OT; and more to come - 36 hours hours straight and right to the pink - there is whole nother version of fire. (hell)

Kaleo is correcting my speech - "Its VEHICLE, Papa" ...not "car" Yeah thanks alot; is it a gift, or a loan???? Hmmmmm? I scolded the 2 heathens today for fighting over a play phone; sat both of them down on opposite ends of the couch, put the phone between them and said "Just sit there and stare at what you were fighting over"

To which, they immediately started fighting over who was sitting too close to the damn phone.


But thats OK.

The occupancy is hovering around 81 to 96%. Which is pretty high considering the state of affairs in the economic picture.

I am right now listening to the 2 Chinese waiters that are working Room Service speak at 500 MPH in Mandarin. Suddenly; I am hungry again.


Dear God, my ears are ready to bleeeeeeeeed. I guess it is a dull thud to the head after coming in to 5 Filipino waiters from day shift boiling water in Tagalog.

Very strange, very rich, very bigg tippers in 1211. 1 english speaking guy (friendly) some freak with a german accent(FREAK!FREAK!) and some drunk Bimbo in the background shouting orders.

Somehow I see housekeeping finding various sex toys in this room.

I deciphered a scottish gents order earlier.

The Al-Kahlifa's (always return guest; take up the whole 5th floor) are here again and ordering like you dont believe. Not your usual Muslim brothers and sisters, lemme tell you. The Prince used to tip the well endowed cocktail waitress years ago 100 dollar bills on every round. And they would be there allnight.

Some nice folks in a suite; 280 - realy nice. I like that.

Should I give the people in 495 the soup free for being cheap? Or say eh, hell with it?

Ah hell I gave it to them; I guess that'll get me outta purgatory for a minute or so...

I am so bloody tired that rambling is how I am staying awake at the moment.

Akoni in Vegas -

Thank God he dont have 1 of these

HIs friend got married, he hasnt won squat, but will be home soon enuf.

And I will plow on.



Mr & Mr Moto side order Ms. Pac Man

This lasts for approximately a nano-second; and then the fights start.

No worry; this wont last

Kaleo and Kekoa are reinventing the fall of the Roman Empire by piece by glorious piece of my brain.

Our Granddaughter is blowing my mind by going out on her own with the 'old man style' grass clippers and trimming grass on her own.

FIRE schedule changes and means more OT and more time to work at the pink hell.

Akoni is in Vegas for his friends wedding. (Damn it)

I have not been sedated nor commited as yet, so apparently all is good.



The Ankle's new hue / Kaleo-isms

I just cant imagine luck going any worse.

Scratch that - there is always tomorrow.


Edit to add - Kaleo-isms:

"I've been working on this car all day! I fix it, and the same thing keeps breaking over and over!!"

(said while wearing latex gloves, pretending with tools and going under the 'hood' of his eletric jeep that he and Kekoa terrorize the neighborhood in)

(all said in very demonstrative, very loud, speaking to himself way)

(the same way his PAPA does when he rants anout picking up dog crap, toys, cig butts, leaves, etc, etc......)

Scary, isnt it?


How Karma laughs

88 hour work week; and I flirted with taking a day off from the hotel to go with the family to the beach. Havent had a whole lot of time to surf of late (no shit sherlock!) So this was a nice respit, and a nice swell was running. Get to the beach and find my good bro Kohnster parking. Head out for a surfy with him, none to great, just too much wind and not enough open spaces (crowds)

Oh there were some good ones after a while, tho'.

I headed in from that little surf session w/ Kohn; and paddle boarded the kids around and spied a real nice left wave that kept going off....(see pic) So off I went.

The spot has a whole bunch of boulders outcropping to get into the water at. I knew this. I have done this rock dance a million times before. Of course, this time Karma said - "The fuck you are"...As I was going to jump in, a set of waves approached, and as luck has it (or not) I misjumped, wind caught my board, and I went ass over shoulders down in a heap.

i caught the back of my head (no blood, all good) Shoulder blade...Vana (urchin) spine in my toes, and one heck of a hole on the right side of my right knee, and down to the shin bone on the let side of my right knee.

Karma still wasnt through with me as yet.

Now that my entire surfing PRIDE was in a bag floating on the bottom of the ocean, I had to catch a few waves, fuck being sore, bleeding, or semi-concious (not; but it makes good reading, eh?) I quickly asses the damage, (eh, fuck it) and paddle into the not crowded line up.

Right off the bat a beautiful wave comes right for me, damn Karma! Thanks! All is forgiven!

It lines up, I drop in, just nothing but green blue wall for a great stretch.

Oh man, beautiful.

The wave starts to close out, so I kick out (launching the board over the back of the wave) and I follow it.

Unfortunately for my OKOLE (as Zilla knows; my ASS) the board AGAIN catches the breeze, floats below me in the air, I above it, and I land square on one of the skegs(fins under the board) I break it off completely, and have a black and blue ass to prove it.

I caught a few more till I really knew I better go in, and now I am limpimg around at the pink and FIRE with a crack in my upper shin bone, a 1/2 inch deep hole opposite of it and a black-n-blue ass.

Thanks Karma!