Aloha Pumehana

There seems to be general consensus in the world that we be fucked. We as in America, we as in humans (wow Mark that includes Americans doofus) yeah stfu id ego and superego and the voices in my head. I'd guess to say that everyone has the view of hell in a handbasket.


Give up.


Call it a day and draw the water.

Just stop and take a look at what goes on around you: do you see someone helping out another? Score 1 for humanity.

What of that "god bless you" when someone sneezed by a stranger?

Score 2 (sub buddha mohammed, any other MF deity youd like JUST GET THE POINT!)

That teen goth that held the door open for a elderly -

SCore 3

YOU picked up trash

Score 4 for Mom Nature

The asshole you let in in traffic -

Ah thats a bonus Score 20 - If he didnt use a blinker nor acknoledge - add 50

My current life is spiralling outta whack - and yet all it takes is a little terroist to say something like "look at this shell Papa!" and I STFU, recoil, and realize I aint shit. I aint nothing. I am part of this planet that needs to be part of this planet.

More so.



They did eggs a rama. I surfed. I wonder if i can survive at times. Smiling faces of squirts is all i can process now. My mind is mush. I pray to St. Anne patron saint of families for forgivness and guidance. I am really tired.


Damn 2

I wish I was more patient; civil; sane and calm.

But then reality comes and says Ha!


Tsunami Devestation

Tsunami Blog

Fuck tea party have life, Japan weeps.

My neighbor and surf bro on a mission



Life is a blur; my days are filled with nothing less than chaos. We buried my mother in law, went to a play during spring break, surfed, died a million deaths when my son left the family, so that I get to be Dad. Had the fuckin water heater go out on the day before we buried my MIL, my gosh. I wonder at times if there is anything left in my tank to carru on.


Shit on a shingle, old Murphy has rested yet again at my door.

Fuck him.

I am getting tired as shit of the mofo planting his wayward ass at my knees. Go find a tea party dweeb to assault. Please?

OK. I am done. Love + Aloha to all.

I'm going Vegas asap.