R I T Training

Today for 8+ hours we had RIT training. RIT is rapid intervention team. It means the crew that stands by for the unplanned disaster that can strike first responders. They are the guys that rescue the guys that are trapped, or down.

The O2 Tank

We got 8 hours of overtime. Then I bee-lined it to the pink. And I am bushed. But its OK.

The weird thing is the instructors talked about the Aloha Drive fire that I was at back a while a go. The O2 tank that blew, and the realtive closeness of death. It is a weird feeling to remember what it was like that night. It makes a lot of the continual state of bullshit that occurs in my hale very, very ...manini. Yet, it reinforces the real fact of what lies around each corner.

If a man hadnt died behind a door, the likelihood of our entire crew perrishing was pretty great. His death prevented very possibly, our own.

It was so fucking hot. It was so bloody dark. The explosion sent all four of us to the floor. The entire 6 story concrete building, shook. Radio traffic, for a moment, ceased.

Gathered our collective nads, and...

went back into the fire.

The apartment was littered with O2 tanks. Really. At minimum, 20 or more. The heat was so bad, that the nomex turnouts, the hood, the gear we wear, burnt.

There were mortar like crevices in the concrete where the explosion had gone off. They were all over the room. It is strange to have all that come back to your mind.

It is strange.



Surfing, Blood, and Freedom.

Every now and again, the stars align, and my brain says BZZZZT. Then I go surfing.

So after the stars aligned, and my brain went on the fritz, I went.

thank god/goddess I did.

Screw the torn ligamnets, screw the work load, screw the factor of 2 many queens in a small house.

So screw it, I went surf.

And surf was a refresher course in whats good, and whats OK. And why I think more now, and less at the same time.

Confused? Sure. but when it all comes down to it, there is something that is lifegiving, something indescribable about the water.

The water does more than any religion can.

It refreshes my soul and my heart.

It takes the everyday and shines a bright light on the fact of how blessed I am.

And it reminds me that I am part and parcel of many things that I may or may not understand.

And I paddle for yet another wave.

Saltwater dreams.





'O nalu nalu

Annie knows where
Cold, HYN style
Road from way close to heaven

Not rough.

Just steady on the flight.


Kou po ua moe ia, 'o ko'u nei la.'a'ole

My mom, my girl, my champ
Bear and the mai, atop Mauna Kea
Cold shit, Hawaiian stylee

While you sleep, I wake.

My gang went to the big isle. 1 day strike and burn. My middle son and Mai, and champy, w/ M, K and M's mom. Along w/ da bears friends.

More pix from Hilo side, Annie, make ya jones more!

Xcuse the no mo' comments from yours truly, the powers that be got all kine blockage on da 'puter at job 1 and 2, but I be planning, oh yeah. Get my computer guy helping, and I 'll raid ya, soon enuf.

Nothing but goodnes your way, all.

48 tomorrow.

Aquarius, no f'in shit, eh?

Aloha all.


God shuffles his feet, and shows his sense of humor

Most days, I am hyper, and active. Most days, I go along with no problems.

Then the 'other' days show up.

Wrapped and Casted

People that work in hospitals must be happy. I mean, where else do you get to work in Pajamas all day? Pretty comfy, if you ask me.

So....whats new?

My days are longer than shit, and thats OK. But then old Mr. God comes along and says-

"Dude, WTF? Howzit hanging?..You know what fool, you aint 15 no mo'."

And God shuffles his paws, and decides to play fun on the Markster.

Ya see, me and the supreme being, we got this, like, unsaid realtionship. He screws with me, and I keep on farking around. And he reminds a little harder. and I keep screwing around. So he turns the volume up, and I listen, but only for a while.

So I had a little 'discomfort' in my elbow. So it bugged me. So I still went surfing, still ran, still lifted, still went to work.

And this morning, I couldnt bend my right arm.

Being right handed, this presents some problems.

So I go to the Doc, and 6 hours later, voila!, I have torn ligments, and/or a fracture of my elbow, and/or bonechips in my arm. Specifics aint big in the medical world.

Me and God, we are still talking, but he gotta work on this customer service shit, I tell ya.

Its all good. Fo' real.

Showering is innnaressing, tho'.



Sue's Nami-nori

This morning

Yes I was on duty through the total BS of tsunami BS watches and warnings.

Dont get me wrong, alert is avert, but when TV BS'd warnings instead of watches, man does it get fucked at 911.

But I went surfing, and went jogging, the sights above from my run during work.

Dawn when I got off in da AM, and Iolani palace, Kawaihao Church, Trees and view.

Really I am so burnt, I am purple.



This is classic

OK. I am a burntout lump of coal, but the link is funny as shit.

Never listen to Pacabel's Canon the same way again.

5 min video.





All aboard the drone train. Lock step, lock step.

It is a beaten path from the doorway to the car door.

Firecom busy busy and pink busy busy.

Carrie Aereola made a visit by the phones of Firecom again.

Dealt with chemical gallons of who knows what and how she didnt eat and need to take her meds.

Meds is what i need.

Surf Meds.

All in good time, all in good time.