The graduate Mailelauli'i

4 years seem like 4 minutes. Man I am beat.

Our "precious gift of the small-leafed Maile" is graduated.


Baccalaureate Mass - Graduation tomorrow

Money Lei
From the neighbors down the street who love sunshine her cat that got shot.

Unreal cool detail and aloha to give.

1 more day!


Day Tripper

I was having a shitty day. Things were not really running smoothly at all. I was irritable, sore and gimping around on a swollen knee. I had to get maile to school for the last day before Saturdays graduation.

The final parts of the house need to be done.

I needed to get to my Hotel job credit union; so i took the guys. They; needless to say, are a handful one at a time, and the 2 of them together is North and South Korea joined at the DMZ, shooting at each other over everything.

I had to stop the car and try to play Bill Clinton and create peace, but it didnt work.

So I ended up spanking them with my slipper.

I felt like a shit, and pretty much still do.

So we stopped on the way home at a little beach area to - 1) let them play and go nuts. and 2) have me chill the hell out.

I think it worked.



Kaleo @ 4

Birthday boy & brother. I am a lucky man at times.


Hauoli La Hanau

Our guy Kaleo turns 4 on Monday.

My gosh, where inthe hell does time go?

Same place as the socks, I guess.

Hauoli La Hanau!

Amazing read from Alan


...and the "shack" is back.


Burned out, Beat up, ...Completed!

Yup. All done.

All bruised.

All beat.

At the Hotel; yet again.


OSHA safe.

Noy quite. Oh def not quite.


Painting 101. (AKA - why, why, why?)

The house is getting painted. By me. 2 stories of fun amd sanding and heat and scraping and pressure washing.

Its dark beacuse we fininshed at night. Just pressure washing. 12 MF'N hours
Oh yeah safety first!
Ummmmm - Lead paint anyone?
Def not OSHA approved ladders - of the 30 ft styleeeeee....
Damn help. Keep telling them the brush goes down. Sheeesh.

If I live thru this - HA! - a few days from now I should be splattered and delerious.



Many Phases

My kiddo. I will painting my house for a few days.

Wish my ass luck.


Lei Day

Finished my shift at FIRE this morning. Ran my okole home to pick up Maile for her work at her schools "fair" (another word for over priced crappy food and trinkets to support a over priced private school education since we have the monopoly on education here - affair) BUT I will shut up as they have for the most part treated our daughter with fairness and respect. For an all-girls school, Catholic, and !conservative!, some awfully attired ladies.

'Nuff of that small diatribe, and such. More than enough negatives in this world, so cut it.

Also had a certain criminal element tagging along for the ride....

Flowers, Papa!

Couldnt go to the fair without my posse!


So mutt - n - jeff and I hit the bouncers and jetsam for the day; the 2 guys spent about 2.5 hours bouncing in the damn things in 80 degree heat and ate a ton.

We stopped by the Manoa manapua place for pork hash, Manapua and time waste. Manapua's consumed = 6. At the fair - Hot Dogs, shave ice, and teri-burger. An order of disgusting Nachos as well.

50 pounds of sweat later, I dropped them off before coming to work at the wonderous pink hell.

2.5 hours of madness to go, and it will be happy hour, finally.

*Kekoa got accepted to Kaleo's Kamehameha pre school today as well; so the blessings are there; just gotta be thankfull - I am.