Peace on Earth good will & all that jazz

Sinfest Sunday

Rap me out a tune for 2009.


Who turned off the lights?

Hey, I PAID my damn electric bill. You coulda powered the entire island with the power that is consumed by the crew that reside in my hale (ha-lay, thats home) ... Maybe all the islands. Any who, cooking rice in the old style way this morning after working in the dark at the hotel. At least it was after Christmas, before Kwanzaa, and around Hanuka or Chanuka or Festivus or whatever you wanna celebrate or not, and visit homes with a "Awake" pamphlet and long dresses and suits on 90 degree afternoons....I digress; sorry Jehovahs.

Photo from Rob Rock

I guess this flash is what caused all the power faults. At least it was pretty?

Photo T. Reis

So the visitors to aloha-land had a unexpected faux-pas to the excursion into paradissimo. You'd be surprised (no, you wouldnt) at the shitski they try to pull. I didnt realize that the acts of God were my fault; apparently they are. But WTF, its OK.

And U thought MY driving is bad?

The mo'opunas got an electric 4 wheel drive terroist vehicle for which to destroy the neighborhood. (my neighbors are gonna love me EVEN more) Somehow, the son 1 or 2 figured out how to jack the speed on the damn thing so if you WANT to follow them, you have to run.

I tell you, he doesnt KNOW!

Kaleo and nephew Asa, at the helm, waiting for freedom and pedestrians.

And HECO (hawaiian electric) a big Pfffffffft! since this happens way toooooo often, and last time I checked we werent a 3rd world country.

Shit, I may be wrong about that.


?wheres my damn lighter?

* Obama hung out at the beach the other day, ate at the shopping center I have Kona Brews at, and in general I am DAMN proud.

Ok, Pau.


Mele Kalikimaka

Merry Christmas all.

Take care, hope you all caught a good time w/ loved ones......






When you get in the habit of never saying no, there in a myriad of spinning webs and dust bunnies lying under the well meaning act of saying yes.

Yeah thats a WTF, if there ever was, and ebver will be one.


You can gain a lot from watching people; you can also get yourself in a mess of trouble if when you are in a really piss-poor mood, and somebody stares and comments at you the wrong way. Then you can kick yourself in the ass for all the days that passed where you didnt get pissed, and you didnt lose your temper, and you didnt freak the fuck out, and you didnt get that big old piece of wood and break the fuck outta it. Of course, you dont get credit for time served in this business; no sir, you get no due. Nope. Just lose your wicket for one fucking moment. And all bets are off.

Oh well. You can still gain alot from watching people. The way they act, the way they move in space, the countenance they orchestrate.

So watch and see.