Our little Majiro

Aloha all. We had a little angel visit us for a couple of days. Our 3rd grandson was born on 4/20. He was only 24 weeks gestation; so he came in at 1 pound 4 ounces. He fought like a champion but just couldnt beat the odds. Majiro is a little green bird that resides here in Hawaii. They are tiny; so I nicknamed him that since thats kinda what I do. He did his darndest to strengthen himself and thrive, but it just wasnt meant to be I guess. I had visite him the morning he passed and got to have him hold my pinky with his tiny hand. I went home with positive thoughts and encouragement from the nurses and his readings in the incubator. Less than an hour later we were rushing back only to have him pass away just before we got there. The rainbow showed up while I was on my way to visit; and I thought cool, someones watching over him since it landed right about where his hospital was. I guess it was for him to be guided to heaven later on. Be good to each other; as we never know what life may throw at us. Rainbow that was there on way to visit just before he passed away.
I'm really wondering if I can survive this.