Boys at the beach; Mai and Kiana to the Big Island for T-Day w/ my parents and Aunt and Uncle.

OTH, I got arrested on the 20th for fighting with my son.

Not real thankful at the moment for meself, but thankful for the health of the kids.



He is a rascal; of course all are at 2.

Sometimes it seems like I barley have enough time to shit and get of the pot in one smooth move.

Like I have ever been "smooth"

In the everyday world that is my asylum, it never ceases to amaze/amuse me the general SHIT the guys get into. Not only them, Kiana, and Mai too. It is just the girls have a diffrent version (2.0) than the (we) guys have. They.....forget....they....misplace.....they have their picture under 'blonde'....you get the picture. I call it "fortunate forgetting" they never forget what they want, they forget what they are responsible for.


Back to the picture subject - Keek-a-roo, Kekoa. He is just a whirling dervish of destruction, energy and bedlam.

Like all 2 y/o's. I reckon he will mature about the same as Kaleo, when school starts and the 'school' factor factors in. (geez, cant use other words?) Pshaw. The seperation factor. Thats wtf I meant. Kaleo had that. everybody tried to freak. Shit he dealt with now it is like get outta here; I'm with my friends at school....Big boy and all that.

So Keek's destructive, self centered behavoir will subside, and he will use his talent for invented speech (Big Fruck is gonna go over great in school) I can see the letters already. He is a typical no rules, no responsibilities, change my diapers, feed me Seynour, kid.

Of course.



Scaring the horses

Not ready for the glue factory yet...

...but damn I am run down, beat the hell up, and sneezing my ass, and such.

Beer for my glasses, whiskey for my band.

Keeks skidding outta control to the sidewalk, and Kaleo spawning from the water.

It dont kill ya, it'll only make ya stronger?

Who the fark said that?

I got a complaint to file with that mofo.

Shoots then.

* i really, REALLY am begining to dislike the pink.




Kualoa Ranch Excursion/Halloween

Halloween & Kualoa Ranch Excursion

Kaleo and class went to Kualoa Ranch for an excursion.

Out sick w/ the flu for a week.

Being sick sucks.


Fruit Day

Today it was share a snack day for pre-schooler Kaleo. Kolohe Papa went with a array of fruitage. And knives. And Round-shaped scoopy thing. And small knife.


Thankfully, I did the cutting of the fruit, and not myself.

These teachers are amazing.

They asked Please, Mahalo (thank you) Ai (yes) May I be excused? Pushed in chairs, wiped faces and tables.

It was all I could do to not blubber like a seal being clubbed.