You put dog with huge balls and search gets more.

People; you are screwed.

hey Hi Wake the hell up

Yeah I am still here wake up get a grip; enjoy life and say WTF assholes once in awhile.

Cuz I say it every freeeeeeking day.

Its cool.



Merry Christmas and all that jazz

Howzit. Thats like the most common hello here. I wish all the happiest holidaze. Sincerely. Been slogging along thru the flotsam that is a deteriorating relationship, a messed up economy, and shit that well, sucks. But I fervently hope that all that have perused these comments and shit on our life here in aloha land have a joyous holiday season. Go out and stoke the shit outta somebody. Really.


About time to bid aloha

Pretty much. I really have enjoyed it.