Surftime Returns

Ahhhh. 3 hour surf at C-Dub. Good to get out and blast a few walls of water.



$2081.20 Dollars later (and 1 Brain)


May I have my life back, now?


Its all good.



Just a WTF kinda daze

As the 'luxury collection' propaganda fizzles away like the petals of a dried out plumeria leaf lei, too long worn in the hot sun, so does the facts and figures of the dumbest remodel in the history of Hotels.

It isnt like the damn place wasnt making any kala (monies) it isnt like the staff was a bunch of swine, nor were the REPEAT guests upset or unsatisified. What feeble East Coast mind perpetuated a myth of 'make something REALLLLLLLLLLLY exclusive (ie: Reallllllllllllllllly frikkin expensive)and we'll make money!


Going from 300 or 400 covers on a busy night in the restaurant to.......80 and 3 or 4K in bizzzeness from 12 or 13K....something isnt working, is it?

But.....obviously when egos the size of Manhattan are involved, apparently any loss amount is OK as long as......you are exclusive.

What is the purpose of being empty? Sure aint helping the economy, Jones. Yes, Smith it is; we are prohibiting the gutter rats from loitering on the property. We dont want those heathens that spent their hard-earned money waltzing around with the avant-garde, do we? Why no, Smith, we do not. Yes, Jones, you see, it isnt the aloha spirit we want them to experience, it is the sounds of empty wallets clashing into their very own bones as they leave that we want them to endure.


Man alive, I tell ya; it never ceases to amaze me the lengths that the luna (managers, boss man) will go to in order to promote their own infalted self worth. It is so disheartening to see the very real, very obvious insincere way they speak, it is like hearing 'Pink Floyds' "Wish You Were Here" - (cause they AINT) in your head over and over. The shit is getting old; fast.

Shit you not; quitting after 27 years is loooooooking pretty smooth.


Rant over, BTW.


I dont know why...

..but this really struck me as funny.

Calamities Of Nature

Putzing along; things re-model and things go strange. Things amass and amiss.

...and work, O work; you catuerize my wounds.


Is it May 26th yet?

No, it is not.

Oh well.


Da Prom Nite

Mai had her prom the same night that Korea decided to throw up a missle.

I kinda see a connection there.

Jacob was her date and a father could not ask for a kinder, classier gent to takehis daughter on Prom Night.