Please Forgive Me...

The surf has been really good. I am 10 shades of burnt.

Damn, its been sweet.


Even yet more surf!

Oh my, 2X surf yesterday, and more soon, sorry Kohnster!



Surf, Pink Hell Closed, And Moana

Had a good surf a rama, and The pink is done. Moana view of where I work.


Agood day of surf, and more more to come...

Surfed today, and work tomorrow at the Moana Surfrider. The new hell. Its good 'tho they have good staff. I am impressed after 1 shift alone.

Surf should come up even more tomorrow.

Mai came home from the big island today as well, and starts summer school in the AM.

Take care, Aloha.


June 08 Vegas

We sure had a killer time. No doubt about it. The winds blew hard on fortune for us.

We won more than we lost, and we met up with Kenny and Imelda. Who took us to the Haufbrau Haus, where we proceeded to eliminate quite a bit of the beverages there.

And then there is the spankings. Somewhere in bavaria, I think there is a real clown having a good laugh at various peoples arses expense.

This night was more fun than the 2 of us have had in years. Mahalo so much Kenny and Imelda. You guys just plain flat out rock.

Welcome to the Ohana.

Who da guy?

Right after hitting a Royal Flush on day 1.


From the housekeepers at Golden Nugget

This little note made our stay. On checkout day, the housekeepers left this note. It just made me all warm and mushy inside.

The Craps Wall Of Fame

And finally, in homage to those craps guys throwing for and hour or more, the wall of fame. We always kid each other on where my plaque is gonna go.......



Exxxxit; Stage leeeeft.

Ok I only gotta -

Get Mai to school, get the funds, get the grandkeiki set, get the house and lot and farm and jeeezus i got soooooo bloody much stuff to complete in a few hours and the day has just rambled on already and its only 6 AM.

Anyways, outta here for a few, stay safe all.

Aloha for Vegas land again.