Mr.Moto @ the beach

School is back in action for the Maimai. Kiana on Thurs. This guy is learning every minute - He is a handfull.

Maile Pix from beach day while I was plowing the work load.

The Thinker; thinking



Got no pix...

...Since daughter took my camera. But I got out of the stockade and went for a surf this morning. It was much better than it looked from shore. 3 hours later, and the world is a much brighter place.

Saw my classmate out in the water, Dwight O. Dwight and Igrad from SLH back in 1977. Our 30th class reunion is coming up in October, in Vegas. Amazingly, I will be in Vegas then as well. Bwhahahaha. So if anyone wants to put on a costume and come with, you are more than welcome. Me and her will be there from Oct 30 - thru November 5th. Back to surf -

I see Dwight O. out pretty often. I see him way more than any other of my classmates, and many still live here on O'ahu. The inneresssin' thing about seeing Dwight is I thought how lucky it is that we have surfing to keep us relatively in shape. I dont feel 48, and, pray tell, dont look it either. Neither does Dwight. Coinky-dink? I think not. When seeing other classmates, many are overweight, etc. So surfing gets another chalk mark up on the positive side, so Plllllbbbbt! all the nay-sayers.

Its back to the Pink for more summer time bizzness, and it as has been all summer, is busy.

And thats a wrap.



Aunty Amelia

Aunty Amelia is realted to the Lady C via her husband, now deceased, Uncle Buddy. My FIL was a "Buddy" too. Both of them were chiefs in the Firehouse. They are both gone now, arguing in whatever kind of heaven there is about something; but never too heated or mean.

My FIL and Uncle Buddy are the kind of firefighters that will piss on the best friend/fellow firefighters graves when buzzed, just...well, just because they miss you.

The firehouse is a weird/loving place.

Uncle Buddy just recently passed, and this was after a short stay in the same rest home as my Gram. Uncle Buddy had a interesting way of interperting the english language. Uncle's version was never comprehended, reason being it was always being said through the smoke of a steaming cigar; as well as thick with pidgeon english. Uncle was totally a cool person. He always greetd me and Lady C with a huge ass smile and a "Hey Boy, howsyouse doing?"

So, anyways.

Aunty Amelia has been part of the extended firehouse family for a million years, as when you are a chiefs wife; YOU ARE A CHIEF, or might as well be. Aunty has/does attended a ton of firehouse retirement/promotion/graduation/funeral gatherings - and maybe now, even more so, since the bond to all of us is strong since forged along time ago. Aunty, now that Uncle has passed, has freetime and with a heart as big as her smile and infectious laugh to with it, gives freely.

Down at Firecom, we are like the nerve center for the Department. Not a day goes by that our number is not rung up by someone either in or around the Dept. as a whole, for information. Reason being, when on an island, we are going to know what the hell is the reason for the bloody traffic, or if that last alarm was for so and so's address, and a billion other etcetera's. Aunty and me, we are on the by and by, talking pretty regular like.

Any how, the whole point of this rambling is the mean fact that people, friends, associates, they can mean soo much to us in our lives. You can see/hear them all the time. But when you really listen to what they have to say they say the universal sign of caring and love.

And thats pretty cool.




When yours truly was a small wharf rat, I was often told of the 'ants in my pants'. Apparently, I had become infested with scurrying, by the millions, ants. I never noticed, as I was too busy moving at 1000 MPH; fueled by nothing more than immediate enthusiasm, and reckless abandon. Its like if you pushed the 'FF' button on your VCR or tape player, 24/7. Not only did I not ever get bitten by these hordes of ants, but in reality, they became my close friends. They must have, because they never bothered me much.

Being the only male, grandson, only child, didn't make me any calmer, for sure. My Tutu wahine spoiled me to no end. I didn't even have to whine, ever. Spoiled little shit, I was. Alas, I was going too fast to ever notice that I was a little shit. Fast is just the speed; not the reaction. 'Cause I was, and still am, slow in seeing what is laying right in front of me. Imagine all the times someone said ... 'Look out!'...And you can draw a imaginary film of me turning to whomever said it, and careening, head long into the wall I was to look out for.

Burning ones metabolism at 300 degrees Fahrenheit tends to use up the individual fuel cells that are allotted ones person. It is a easy re-fuel, just some bread and water, some sugary beverage, and off go the turbo-chargers again.

But in not seeing what truly affronts ones self can be a hindrance to acceleration.

All needed is a stable, well built and cared for, platform. "On this rock, I will build my church" was said, and with that, centuries of battles have been fought over what church the rock supports.


Quick of soul, fiery in belief, shouldn't damage the stability of ones union, should it?

Responsibility - acting in what is best for the whole, is a cornerstone to stability.

Keep asking now of myself, is my fire extinguished?




We only get to ride this ride called life once.

Being that I am taller than the "you must be this tall to ride" line,

It is getting irritating that the people on the ride keep throwing up on me.




Surf Auction

Went to the biennial surf auction today - first day off in who knows how long.



Should be a tourist poster, No?


Couple of reasons to have caller ID

Maile and 'the girls' went holoholo down waikiki way w/ Dad's camera.

Its a good thing to have caller ID, yes sir.

That great big pink thing behind is where doofus boy works.




The Moped, or 45 MPH w/out a brain bucket.

Dats It.

Just had the restictors taken off, so now it zips along at 50 MPH full throttle. I dont wear a helmet. Why? It wont make a difference in a crash. It may keep matter inside, but really, it dont do a thing to prevent injury. Better to know how to fall then to restrict the eyesight, IMHO.

Finished 36 hours straight at Firecom on Sunday evening. Its been extremely busy. So is the pink.

I'm just a donkey, being led around by a bridle.

But this ass may just kick.



Blowing Things Up; Happy 4th.

From the other day - pre 4th.

Hope you all have a safe fun fourth.

Finished 24 firecom yesterday and Hotel as we type.

Rumored swell never showed, so only a walk w/ KJ & Kiana. Maile to the store for a new bathing suit.

Purchased a Moped last week to sway gas prices, and riding it to both jobs. Interesting to be on the road with that lawnmower-powered version of transportation.

I remember going to Washington DC and seeing the decleration of independence, the capital, Smithsonian, Lincoln, etc. I was 11, and it was the walking the satirs to the top of the Washington Monument that I remember most. Dad didnt want to wait in the line for the 1 elevator that went up, nor pay 10 cents a person to go up.

Best thing he ever did.

You can do anything you put your mind to, one step at a time.