Living With War

Neil takes it out on the 6 string, the prez, the lies, the thought police.

Click he link - live streaming entire album - (dont press stop or it restarts the whole album) Debuts on May 9th.

Killing It

no matter your politico's....We are being bullshitted

Yes, I am no einstein, agree, disagree...I am open to discussion.

Cause it is America.


For once.

For fricking ever.



Reality Sucks.

While Neil is rocking our ass off with 'living with war' I am killing time at the hotel.

Smiling w/ Da Fishes

I am a grocery cart.

What Really Cost The MOST

MGM doesnt like it if you try to hump the golden lion.

No screwing with the MGM lion

I forgot to mention, I spent so much shopping, that they named a building after me.....

$ Talks

Back at the hotel, and ...well....just and.....Damn I WAS A NICE TOURIST

How you figure?




April In Vegas

Vegas, April 2006.

Flight Out –
Hawaiian Air red eye to LV, in the front row, babied by the flight crew. Heinekens consumed = 5. Nice nap to wake in LV at 630. Fooled the respectful mate on how the heck we were going to go to The Cal, but had the Presidential limo lined up for a surprise. Mary our driver, (who for some reason, I called Rachel) was wonderful. Drove to the LV sign and got a snap.

Checked in to The Cal, and wondered around a bit. The first lady of shopping decided we should hop over to the premium outlets to spend some vacation monies. Met our first stranger of the trip while waiting for the stores to open. Young girl from Oklahoma, who said she had come to LV via Greyhound. Strangely dressed, along with 5 inch stiletto heels. She gave us the insider knowledge to - “not go to the casinos alone, or with someone else, cause you will get robbed” Hmmm? She let us in on the cost of greyhound for a student is 85 bucks, and that senior citizens pay about 240 bucks. So much for sanity. As she walked away, all I could notice was the huge blisters healing on the back of her feet. For all I know, she may have walked from Oklahoma.

So the wife gets her shopping fix in for the moment, and we head back to Dtown.

Room still not ready, so grabbed some time and checked out Theo and the zydeco band on Fremont Street. They rocked. Would have been kicking up some dust but was reminded by SO that I hadn’t had a beer yet, so that needed remedy. After hitting the room, unloading the goods bought, off to the races!

The Gambling Goods –
Craps for me, BJ for the shopper. Early morning cold tables had me flinching, but a run of fair luck brought me to + 100. Bought in at 300. Shopper girl got some wins, but mostly wanting to hit the strip. Strip wise, we did a thing where we would plunk a hundred down in her favorite WOF, and conjure up the spirit of Pat Sajak to be kind. Most of the time he paid off to the house. Did have fun though at Wynn, and the Venetian. Nice as hell people, and drinks were fast. Caesars’ Palace paid off with a hundred win for the both of us. Lots of fun.

Craps did me damage, but Main Street provided the most bang for the money. 20X odds kills you if you go down. But wonderful on a win! Played with a “Aunty” or older woman from Honolulu, and she kept threatening me with ‘scoldings’ if I didn’t produce a winner for her. Did a couple of times, so no beatings for me. Character #2 was found one night on the tables, a local with no teeth, longhair, and stood about 4 foot nothing. A early out shooter, and his turn came up. He talked to the bones “everybody loves you baby” – “all these people here want to be happy, so be happy, OK?” Every throw! He came up with some doozies, and won me some 450, which promptly went shopping.

Hint – if you want a secret, find a young girl who looks shy, and a newbie, that doesn’t want to throw, has 5 on the pass line. In a good way, push her too shoot. Then make a YO bet for her, yourself, and the boys. Last trip, it was a 25 dollar YO 3X in a row.

This year, a girl was on the corner with a friend, table was chopped as the sea. She tried to pass the dice, but in a nice way I prodded her to give it a go. Finally, she relented. Made a 3 way YO, and she banged it out! The dealers paid her, and she wondered WTF? The Cal guys and gals let her know what went down, and said – “More of that if you can do it again” She did. Twice more. So there is something to the legend.

Late night and late beers did some damage, but a nice cashout of night 2 for 1060 (minus the 300 buy in) was fun.

Wondered over to the Main Street only to find the tables packed. Lady shopper went to the BJ tables and I gathered a Pale Ale. Sat by the WOF dollars in the middle of the craps side. A Red, White and Blue 7’s was being hammered by a trio of guys. Drinking and having fun, he hit a 3 7’s for 800. His luck was rubbing the friends large beer belly, and press max. Funny shee-ot.

Exhausted lady shopper slept in most mornings, as I had to keep her out late. Cruising the Cal, meandering the Main Street.

WOF R,W & B 7’s caught my eye one morning, so I plunked a 20 in, for the hell of it. Up to 46, and was gonna cash out. CW brought a coffee, and I sat for more abuse, down to 26, no spins at all. Finally a spin pops up. Hit on the 1000. I had to laugh, cause I could get ahold of the shopper. Tried 3 times no cell connect. Played the 1026 down to 1000, and just as I cashed out, here she comes. We busted out laughing.

Sightseeing most days, craps at night. Shopping always. Another late night foray into craps land, and I was OK, but down a bit for me.

Did the get up thing again, packed tables, figures WTF, play somemore WOF. Damn if it don’t hit for 500 the next morning.

Wife/shopper did good on BJ, up maybe 400, over all, we probably are up a few hundred, but shopping killed that.

Craps was like the sea, ebb and flow, mostly good, but the bad went south on the fast train everytime.

The Meet –
Met up with Polotower, BigE, MarkG, and Pipette. Wonderful, friendly folks. Got a chip from the hipple experiment that will remain untouched for further generations. Thanks again, Pipette. Hope everyones journeys were smooth and safe. BigE we picked up that cam, it is a winner.

Overall –
Too fast, too fun, too furious. Some of the people were so damn nice it amazed me. Staff, dealers, all good. Shopper could do without the porn slappers. (had to keep her off of them, trying to hand the crap to me, while were are hand-in-hand down the strip) Saw most of the stuff we didn’t before, and ate all we could different spots mostly, but I will eat mostly anything. Did get freebies from the Cal, MSS so that was cool.

Till next time, Aloha.


Outta Here for 4 days

Me and the "she" are heading out 'morrow. Catching the red eye to red eye town. I got a freebie 4 night stay at The Cal for the deposits I made in November, so low fare that was available when they sent the offer, I grabbed the chance.

A little 'mood' Music?

Just getting this bloody 4 frigggin' days off earns me the damn medal of honor. No shit. Had to practically sacrifice my first born to get free from the Hotel De Heckage, ( i woulda sick called anywhose ) then the firehouse was running short, but managed to slip in between the Vacations that were already set.

Our kitchen sink faucet decided to go bleeeech on us today, so I spent all morning with that fun. ( No it doesnt leak ).... Then, yes, more fun, the gas range went kaputsville. So the Lady C is now trying to buy and get it installed as I am here at that bastion of fun, the Hotel Heck.

All my badluck is gone.

Whooo hooo.

Vegas, here We come.


(keep the place running in my absence, eh?)



Sure you do. ( wave of the day as an added bonus )

Spittin' Caves ( 4 Zilla ) Yeah it will get ya blood goin' *wink*

4 Zilla

Fresh. Organic. ( - gasmic!) Wet.

Compliments Bruddah Neil

So I have this meeting with the Maimai's counselor, her principal, her transition to High School lady from the local Public High.

Mai's ADHD. I am used to hearing that she struggles. I am used to defending her up-beat attitude. Used to the positives of how she is not a disrespectful child. How she always volunteers to help. That she cant sit still. Disorganized. Hangs with her younger peers. Rushes thru assignments.

Yep. I am a pro at dealing with bureaucratic types. I am good at it, too. Mai didn't tell me I had a meeting yesterday at 130PM. So I get a call to go as soon as possible to a meeting at 230. I work at 4; Hotel BS. So I shower, make the meeting, as usual, attired in surfshorts, T shirt. And the 'show' begins. Theses are the programs for Sped class (of course, SPED is Special Ed) But Special Ed is a damned comment, so don't call it that, call it something else, that everyone KNOWS what it means, but make SOUND different. So 15 bale blah blahs later, I just ask what exactly is offered for a SPED student, to accelerate themselves, an get them above the level they are performing at?

Dork 1 - " That is a very good question! "

Me - ( of course it is you doofus, I knew you had no idea I would ask, it so I DID)

Dork 1 - " We ..Err, offer summer school Phys ED for the ...SPED students "

Me - " don't perceive this a wrong, but you don't offer anything that would assist them in getting out of the SPED curriculum they are in, do you...Not you specifically, but the BOE? ( board of ed )..."

Dork 1 - " Um, no. But....The summer programs fill up fast and....15 more blah blahs of blah blahs..."

Me - ( noticing the principal FALLING ASLEEP)
" So if she was enrolled at another summer school program, and took classes that the syllabus was such and such, would it transfer to credit her at K****** High? "

Dork 1 - " that's a good question...BOE to BOE school, I think so, but private to BOE, I am not sure."

Me - (exactly what, besides the rote Blah shit you are spewing, do you know? )
" Ok , Thanks. "

...Mais counselor, who does care as much as he can, reads me the usual plan of attack to get Mai up to speed...blah 15 more times ....

( Principal is now ASLEEP )

Meeting ends with handshakes, thanks, blah blah 10X over...

I grow tired of half-assed educators. You bring your kid to the firehouse, we show 'em everything we can to IGNITE knowledge. We get paid for that, yeah. But as an educator, it is your primary job.

The kid is not a trouble maker.

The kid shows up for school.

The kid has parents who care.

(granted, they work a lot.)

The kid is giving.

The kid is not disrespectful.

The kid knows the difference between right and wrong.

The kid has EMPATHY.

Educating is a great calling, 30 kids to inspire a great challenge.

Stop blaming ADHD or what ever, and INSPIRE.

First hand from a hyper/loser/gradeschool/highschool challenged/ student who had one teacher that said something, and made me believe in myself, and drove me to become smarter than I would have let myself believe.

If I had listened to the rest.



Indestructable Life

Long days ahead.

Work @ hotel = Killer hours.

Firecom = Killer more hours

24 tomorrow, followed by a 8 to 4 (after getting off @ 7AM from firecom) on Easter Morning.

April 22 is looking real fine to me.

.......................Vegas, baby....................

Shoots, then.



Jump 4 Joy

If you could take your joy and do this, wouldnt you?

Full On Breach

Momnatures Artwork

Tube Time

Work awaits, and a week more to go as well.

Have a great week of whatever makes your boat float!




It's in there.

A Wave For All Days

Dreaming quickly moves from darkness to brilliancy. In waking to slowly, I have missed the touch of my guardian angels heat.

Protection from harm; all in assigned toil. Attention getters. Promised to attend to what is wronged, what is upheaved, and make right.

Bravado and crescendo aside, tears flow unabated from emotions set in place. By mortar to demanding in gaining permanence.

Rising sun shows no halt to a new day.



Touching Sky

Hard to hold, easy to feel, warm to the touch.

Kaleo James In Hiding

One more day that has been survived, and ordinary day.


Here, an ornament. Touching the sky; feeling the go - the go of the rush of being. Close your eyes and stay a while.

Ordinary? Nothing is ordinary. Everything is exceptional.

Keep my heart close to yours; you hold in your breathing - startled. Spooked by the comments of utter devotion.

Fluttering eye lids, welled up tears of extacy. How much surface can be touched by ones love?

And -

In a moment...

The rush, the passion, the intwining of bodies, souls, beings.


Hold it tight.

Strangeness, abounds.



Power Surge

What's up?

Dream On.

What'd ya do today?

Did you smile at someone? Did you wave another person ahead of you in traffic? Did (male) you hold open a door for a lady? Le Femmes, did you say "thanks" if you were so lucky?
Did you take a moment to see your significant other sleep? Did ya watch them breathe in and out? Were you amazed? Perhaps you might have noticed the sun today. Maybe the clouds were especially intriguing. A shape? How many things piqued your curiosity?
Did the breeze brush your skin? Was it cold? Warm? Hot, even?
Maybe you were luck enough to see your children today. Maybe some one else's. Maybe you even taught today. You may have said one word that as a teacher, will remain embedded in them for the rest of their lives. Did you rustle your kids hair? Was the smell of fresh washed hair remaining on you? Maybe it was sweat filled; grass infused aromas.
Did you just sense something? Did an aroma take your soul back to a better time? Did it wrench you to something not so cool?
Did something crunch under the weight of your being? A leaf? Snow? Did ya splash a puddle?
Maybe you got blinded by the sun setting in the West. Maybe your day blinded from the rise in the East.
Did a hug give you the chills?
Did you chill someone with a hug?

Did you see Red?
Was green what you felt?

Did you dress yourself in something so luxurious, that you felt stately? Did you dress someone else? Did they beam?

When you tied their shoes, did they smile?

Did you carry a weight? Did you help to relieve someone's?

Did you alight a lover with a kiss? Sparks?

Did you find something amiss? Did you correct it?

Did you breathe deep, suck in the air to which we are privy to, and exhale; exhaling all the toxins that have built up over the number of years you have graced this earth, and rejoice?

Were you aware of the power you hold in the tone of your voice, the tilt of your head, the manner of your walk?

Did you?

Didn't it feel really, really good?

Have a good one.



Note from the war front...

Just a quick note -

Right now, I would rather run into a burning building

Than deal with the fricking I D I O T S

at the bloody hotel de cursed-de dufus de-demons.



(give me patience dear God, if not, just give me a bigger Hammer.)

Floating World... Times Up!


Of The Floating

World Stuffs

Simplistic bold strokes. Colors that are not well represented here. The world of asian art is so intriguing to me, from both the beauty aspect, and the cultural.

but for right now, I gotta deal with the hordes at the Hotel Chem De Heck.

24 tomorrow at the firehouse, and then float my ass for a surf.

Waves permitting.

Shoots!.. then!



Floating World

Rocks, It does.


I could use a floating world to sail off to.