Surf Session # 54,276. (or thereabouts)

Drove the kiddo to school this morning, the thing I love about driving her to school is listening to NPR on the radio, and talking story with her. (when she is in the mood) The love I have for this family keeps growing when the stars decide to align in optimum unison. So today wasnt one of those, but we did have a pretty cool discussion on dealing with people in diffrent situations that fall our way in life.

Mai is not the principals list type student, hell, not even the janitor's list either. But neither was/is her Dad. Most important in her educational experience is getting the idea of effort down. The idea that even if you can not perform some function on a test, or regurgitate facts, you can still feel accomplishment in giving it your best. I dont know how she views my propapganda, but it seems to work. She keeps going for it, keeps trying, and keeps a pretty damn cheery outlook for one who struggles so mightily.

Then you got the inter-female type BS that occurs all around the feminine universe, I reckon. Goddamn, wimmens can sure breathe some hell-fire at each other. OK, we wont go into specifics, but damn, evil whenches abound at a all-girls catholic school.

And on to todays surf -

Surfed the fabled spot of my usual bodily demise; the china walls. Met up with a friend from a friends surf-web site, and had a fun session. Windy, peaky, and hella-good time spent in the old mother ocean. It def beats the snow.

Tons of apologies and aloha to all of you knee deep in sleet, snow, and various other cold-like shit.

For real.

Springs coming, mainlanders!

Although I have no concept of what 'spring' means as a season. Shit its the same everyday here.

Better get back to doing something at this pinkness that jobbo2 has become.

Aloha, warm weather wishes for all.


Malasadas Missed

Every Shrove Tuesday, Grandma Minnine would make malasadas. Not this Tuesday, or any for the past years. She would cook, and clean, and fry and mother.

She'd rule and speak, tone and state.

Portugese Grams are like that.

She'd go to mass on ash wednesday; rejoicing in her belief.

Miss ya Gram.

Bay Time

Party Time

Hope you are still using toooooo much damn butter in heaven, still.



Lady C gotta tat

So F It meant surf, and so as that goes, I am gonzers. Time for sleep. Gotta 24 'morrow, and it is sure to be hectic.

Hit the usuals FP wind aided surfapalooza this morn, and it did not fail. Wind and waves, and bust ass work out. Good 2 go.



Ink on her

Heart felt aloha to you all.



the north shore is blazing.

From Hawaiian water shots, J Ballenger photo

And certain creatins have just about had it with working at the old hella pink.

I resemble that remark, dontcha know.

Think I'll say say Fuck It to work on Friday. Gotta 24 on Saturday anywhooose.

Dream On.

Train Kept a rollin'.

And ...



New Fish Board / Mine, well, maybe KJ's

So after a very rough shift of HFD stuff,lessseeee, child drowning, child falling out of 2nd floor window, idiot media people, 2nd suicide in the same spot as Fridays shift, and it was the GF killing herself this time.

Disclaimer - Dont read if you dont want honest, skip past the pix to more thoughtful stuffage, 'K?

I am going to rant like shit about the selfishness of suicide. If you knew what you looked like when people have to clean up after the selfish deed, you wouldnt. If you saw the pictures of your insides after the school of sharks feasted on your dead corpse, you wouldnt. If you knew how many OTHERS you hurt, you wouldnt. If you knew how many OTHERS were put at risk, you wouldnt.

OK, I'm done.

On a brighter note -

Photo's Courtesy Neosponge

Photo's from Neosponge
I bought I wonderful board off of a friend, Neil. He not only rocks as a Photog, but is a nice soul to boot.
So I have a new stick, which means..............
Kaleo James has his first surfboard.
And being he is all of 8 months old (or thereabouts) He has some waiting to do.
So I will prep it for him, by just adding water.
Went for a surf this morning, and it was good to wash the sins off. Not only was there some fairly good surf, I got to be a greedy little shit and enjoy it all by myself. Bonus added was the pod of humbacks jumping for valentines day joy.
And yeah, I bought the evil Lady C two dozen roses on the way home.
Such da romantic, yeah?


Getting Physical


Action, in any form, creates a better person. I imagine this everytime my sorry ass feels tired, and doesnt want to move its sorry-ass self along at a greater rate of speed. There is only so much free time in my work-soaked life to enjoy things that I want to. So keeping the action part in mind, I had my required City and County Of Honolulu (BULLSHIT) physical on Friday.

It isnt like I fear a physical. Whats to fear? - "Hey, you have a third nut down here, sir!" - Isnt likely to be said. "Hmmmm strange lump in the orbitalpreeniumperspaectuseretus stera delta dawn area" ...Uh whats that, Doc? And so on. So I go in, knowing full well that the 15 minutes it takes the City to find out I breathe, and pee, is not gonna discover anything that I prolly dont already know.

Not that the C & C doesnt care about us, of course they do. They care enough to find out if they can prevent a law suit, is the reason for this "7-11" of physicals. I think they must put people out of work for High BP more often than the disease of Hypertension does on its own. Cover your ass, the ccorporation consel always says, I guess.

Quickly enough, I have gotten the Weight (184) BP (170/60) Pulse (65) and Height (still 5'11", altho' innaresssingly enough, they added .75 to the inches. WTF? I am growing at 48? So, officially, I am 5 feet, 11.75 inches tall.) Just further to fall, if you ask me. Eyesight still sucks, but get sternly told that I need to bring reading glasses next year. WTF2 - Why? I cant see far doofus! If I take off my glasses, I dont need arm extenders, either! WTF3 - So why would I want to bring reading glasses, when if I want to read, I just take the damn things off. And again, I dont hold the damn material further away or closer than normal. It is the 1950 eye machine BS if you ask me.


On to the PFT, which measures the capacity of your lungs, cause as a Firefighter, you wear the SCBA, and have to have a certain amount of Pulmonary function to work. The pessimist in me says BS, you just want to know how much shit is in my lungs so if I die in a fire, you can say it was my own fault, but I digress. Pass that without a hitch, and it is on to the Doctor.

Quickly through him and done.

Passed again, and off to work.

Got off this morning, and went surfing before the troops could corral me into doing anything that I really didnt want to do.

Being selfish has its perks, I guess. Good waves, sunshine and coffee. Now to the pink for more abuse.



OK, I am better now.

Please resume scheduled normality.

Courtesy, Laks

Whateva that means.

B R E A T H E.

Free Bitching! (ode to over-paid Pro-Bowlers)

The NFL is in town. They likey high priced hotels. Most are OK. Some are not.

- You make a hell of a lotta money playing a game.

Tip, assholes.

- You have fans.

Sign, assholes.

- The world does not revolve around you.

Hard to believe, I know, but deal with it.

- Yes, shits expensive here.

Why the fuck you think I work 2 jobs?

- No, you are not automatically the first in line.

Where were you in 1st grade?

- Yes, by god, it is raining.

Did you even watch the fucking superbowl? No, I guess you was chilling at youse crib. And no, I cant change the fucking weather.

- The grass shacks went out with the monarchy.

Why the fuck do they always ask that shit?

- 6 foot tweleve does not mean shit if you have no class.

Please review the "first in line" bitch.

- Yes, all rental cars are obvious.

Even the friking Hummers, fools.

- There is a lotta good you could do.

Blasting gangster rap/country tunes from a rental @ 11PM isnt one of them.

I feel much better now.



*BTW, real men who played the greatest game ever invented, folded up their helmets, and stuck 'em in the back pocket.

My attitude will be better, soon.

- Oh, and one more bitch - To the companies that bring the "special incentive" people here for the Pro Bowl; drunk, obnoxious isnt gonna make me buy your product.

Fo' real.

OK, I am done.

You may resume normal activities.

Aloha, once again.


My calming sea.

Just a calm before looking for a sick wave or 2 before the hell of her pink hotelness.

Tutu Man and Champ

Pre surf hugs and stuff.


Shoots, then.



Shes killing me.

Queens of spoooooky shit, indeed.

Really. I am out-numbered by 3 post menapausal and 1 young lady and a girly-girl...VS. Only Me.

There really should be a law.

More Sinfest

My girls are stalking my sanity.

My (Mai) Girl

All of 'em.

Ay sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh