File under: Rant

Dear Pinkfest of the pinkest;

I really hate showing up at your entrance to hell.

I have been showing up here for 24 + years.

Thats a hella long time, to project the Aloha Spirit, which you have so nicely bottled and sold as propagandistic pablum to freezing or weary travellers.

Oh you pay me.

Yeah, but the moronic conditions and situations you force me into are lightweight comapred to running into a burning building.

I would know what to do, and what to face in that situation.

And for your information,

I really really FUCKING hate answwering the damn Room Service phone.

You might notice that.

It probably has come to some delightfully ignorant managers desk, that when moi works, there is a defintie attitude that I get to portray on the phone.

It is a cross between a zombie (which I am) and the walking dead (which i also am).

You save exactly 96 dollars in not scheduling 1 person to dedicated answering and servicing a guests needs.

It cost you over 500 bucks last time.

It cost over a 150 tonight.

You guys are dumb.

Even I, the most retarded money cruncher/saver on this blue marble, knows that is a loser deal.

Yeah, I really hate Room Service.


And now a word from our sponsor . .. ...

There is nothing wrong with you dial, it is mine that is cracked.

Please spend some quality time The 108, here, and Granny da road warrior, here.

Laugh, and then be amazed.

I'll be hunting for my sanity.



For all violinsoldiers -Writer Mom!

Okole Maluna

Flashing "V" ' S all around

Protection; Safety; Guidance





Insanity has its benefits

So I go thru 572 guests at the Luau tonight.

And I am still sane.

Damn, my bullshit and happiness face still works!

Who Da Guy?

Grammy scared champster this AM using the chop saw, poor guy was all rosie w/ tears.

He wanted to bop Grammy in da nose, me thinks.

Tutu man got 24 'morrow, and flirting w/ playing hookey on Wed.

Its flat, BTW, so no surfs for Tutuman.

But then again, you never know, do you?

Be safe.

And if ya cant be safe, be like, cautious.

If ya no can be cautious, be like, aware.


Cause we all need more 'wares'.

I think I better hit da sack, No?




I will tell you this much -

Complete fricking D O O F U S ' S

Run the pink.



Doooooodefus, to da max.

I have comped over 450 bucks wortha food since they didnt want to have someone answer the bloody phone for Room Service.

Oh they saved 80 or so bucks in salary.

they pissed off a bunch of people, oh by the way moron managers...did you T H I N K that the fucking EMMMMMMYS were on tonight???????

And that the dweebs paying 400+ bucks a night wanted their Mai Tais quickly?

No you didnt doooofus.

And it wont cost Y O U shit.

But after the fuckers abuse on the phone cause the shit is late....over priced shit i might add....

The next few hours will be me......


If it IS tourist/management season - - - -


Gawd, I want a beer.

Maybe, Aloha

More water from the other day

Always can use more water, greases the wheel, as they say.






The pink one is still pink; 1 more day of pink, and back to 24 hours in a hole.

Reading downward, remember when they were the C.T.A. ?

Ah, trivia!

No prizes, just honor in knowing that you are old.

Humor, on a humorless day.



Lights out

From Work

One for the end of the day.

Aloha, peaceful Sunday to you all.

Her Humble Servant

Today I got to go surfing.

Not a life changing statement, but a truism if not fact.


Got to enjoy 3 hours of bliss, uninterrupted by any of the slayings of todays world.
3 hours unmolested by phones, by bills, by demands, needs, or wants.
Those things got to be put on the back burner for a short period of ticks of the life clock.


I was lucky enough to be all by my lone-ass self for 2+ hours. Not a soul. 2 others at the break over from me, but no one at my spot.

When I first pulled up, not but 1 car was parked in the area. Made my way down to the jump-in point, and a single older guy on a boogie-board was exiting the ocean.

"I took all the good ones" -he joked.

"Thats OK by me, I wll be content with scrap hunting" - I replied.

"Where is everyone, anyway?" - he responded.

"Not here; and that brings no argument from me"...

I quenched the burning need to liquify my soul at 0755AM on a hazy Hawaiian morning.


There are times that in my un-sanely life that I truly question my immediate sanity.

As confused and static that is as a comment, it rings true when you work 345 outta 365 days a year.

Working 365+ woulda been worth today; maybe not perfect; but perfectly fine.


When my seance like intrusion was finally broken by a duo of fellow wave hunters, they were nice as a cool breeze on a blistering afternoon.

After spending 2+ hours bascially talking to myself, (not arguing w/ myself, cause that is just ill) it was welcome to have someone to shout - out to in encouragenment.


In general, I dislike graffiti, but at least this one shows some brain work.

My arms are spent, as I had noone to share waves to or with.

I have salt water in orfices that my Doctor is the only one who has seen.



Now I am penned up at the waiting-to-get-a-contract-so-we-dont-strike pinkness.


KJ and company are at the 'sunset on the beach' film right by here, on Kuhio Beach, next to Waikiki.


Its not perfect, but life is perfectly fine.

At Times

The demands dont get marginalized, they just dont exsist, just dont push their way to the fore-front.

They give me a break, as if holding up some kind of pre-historic alm, offering me a respit from it all.

Truly I am blessed, I am watched over.


Today I got To Surf



Bigger and Better

Lefts! I got lefts! Whooooo hooooo!

Mai stole my Camera

It is bigger and better today.




Lucky me.

Off to work, and 24 tomorrow.

Its all good, I hope.

Peace and Joy!



Justification in Being

It is a humid; light winds, August day.

Surfed this morning, and surfed well enough to put a smile on my noggin'.

Just another day, extra special sameness; taking Maimai to school in the AM, having a heated conversation on the benefits of NPR vs. "Pop" (read: Crap) Radio. Animated me making fun of such fine lyrics as "my humps! my humps! my lovely lady humps!", and the never to be remembered in the next 6 months: "dropit like its hot, dropit like its hot"...Of course I had to animate all the moves, and rump shaking delivery that goes with each finely crafted 'song'.

At 35 mph in the slow lane.

Makes morning commutes fun, if not for me, for the others out there, stuck in it.

There are only so many shades of red a 14 y/o can turn, ya know?

The discussion was really a very good one, me, explaining the concept of "why the frick they have to stick in your face"...vs. The idea of "keep it from your elders; its got swearing in the song, and it talks about making love"

Steely Dans "Show biz kids" lyric, hidden deep in the song: 'They dont give a fuck about anybody else, they're outrageous" is more subversive and incognito than splaying out spread eagle on the floor, dont ya think?

Elvis shaking his hips, The Beatles haircuts, Double entendre(?) meanings hidden in songs, made you search out the forbidden goodies. In searching, you vicariously learned how to do research.

You dont have to reseach her humps in your face - you already know WTF is going on.

What fun is that?

There is some very good music new to the hearing canals, albeit "Pop" (read: CRAP) radio plays none of it.

My subversive side has all the radio buttons in my truck keyed into NPR, and KTUH, the local college radio station.

You wont find a commercial anywhere, (well a little on NPR)

And thats how I like my radio, music filled, news reading, entertaining, WORTH listening to.

So I had me a good surf session this AM, light winds, enough push from this swell to make it worth getting fried in tropic sun for 3 hours, but I do my part, and stay out in the better part (8AM to 11AM) from the blitzkrieg of UV rays. I try to remember to slather on the sunblock, but I usually forget.

So my red eyes from salt water are matching nicely with the exterior pinkness of the jail that is my confines for the next few hours. Salt water sinus running rampant down my snozzzola; I am quite the example of visitor welcome.

If I can just get this kink outta my neck, some aloe on my burnt parts, I will be good as new. Passable on the blackmarket for at least a buck or two.

Wish you all generous amounts of Peace and Joy.



Passing Lane

Some times the fumes are just too strong when shaping a surfboard.


One of the givens in firefighting is that if it isnt burning -

We cant put it out.

Another Start

Changed the starter in K's car today but that wasnt the problem. Spent all morning and most of the nooner doing it. Small cars and Big Hands = Bad.

Changed Aunty R's oil and air filter and with out wanting to; changed her Transmission fluid.

I kept wondering why the plug looked so different, and the 'oil' was so clean.


Alan will relate to my ineptitude / Boy did I feel like a doofus when I looked on the other side of the motor, and saw the oil plug.


If I find my way home after the pinkish, I am lucky.



Breaking Fast @ Tiffany's

From chow w/ Unk @ The Pink.

Bright background, sorry, eh.

Crew at grinds at the pink; Tutuman holding KJ on da right.

Grammy & KJ

Dont slobber on his ears!

Mailelauli'i & Kaleo

2 of 5 precious gems in da life of the stumbling, often confused, never without a moments rest, la do da do day....surfer.


The Long Chain

Today I saw a commercial about Disneymobile it is a heart-in-the-right-place idea, but dear god, how close to big brother can you get?

I realize the world is filled with evil, sadistic whack jobs, and keeping the Keiki safe is all important, but will a 6 y/o or younger actually have a cell?

If they do, terrfic, keep tabs on them. But I seriously doubt that the at-risk youth that needs it, will have a parental unit that can afford it.

And shouldnt we all be keeping tabs on a young one? Why by mobile?

Which of course led to more thinking on my brains part, because god knows aint no other part of me that does it that is for sure. And I thought, if we monitor every location, movement that a kid makes, doesnt it prevent them from discovering what is really the difference between right and wrong? I think I have given enough "rope" or "chain" for my keiki to learn (sometimes tough) lessons that would be prevented if my waltdisney eye in the sky was monitoring every move they make.
Besides being a money-maker for Walt & Co., (like they need more) it takes the responsibity of being a nurturer away from the 2 people that should be doing it the most.

Back to the ones that need it most - an at risk youth in what ever shape, form or situation, would probably be the last one with access to this techno-marvel.

I doubt Walt & Co. will be donating any to low-income housing, mental facilities, or youth half-way houses, eh?

If I were tracked, I wouldnt have found the difference between driving at 50 vs. speeding your ass off as dangerous, cause the location woulda been known. Not have journeyed with some "friends of friends" who were ripping off homes back in the 70's, and realized what a fucked up pursuit in life that is. Learned about the fact that what goes in "like perfume" often comes out like "sewage", when too much of a good thing is imbibed.

Yeah, safety first, and all that, but some things you gotta give 'em a long chain to venture forth on.

Big eyes see many things.

You gotta let 'em focus.

Shoots, then!



The Bus * Up journey

The next 2 entrys deal w/ Bus riding, and various observations stumbling along lifes road.

You talkin' to me?

Easy to please fella.

Go on, Tutu Man, hit da road!

Mr. Happy-faced bologna loaf, makes day work easy, night work fun, and life a experience worth the price of admission.

Passed this one

For God knows why, I passed 4 stops walked a mile and a half before I decided to wait at the one with the Leis in the trash, and that got me thinking.


Some gots flamingos, some gots elves, some got bird feeders, and the like.

My neighbors got Sumo Guy protecting their yard.

Mountains Heavy w/ Clouds

But no rain, and gorgeous weather.

Read on next entry, Thanks to uncooperative blogger pix adding thingy glitch.

Half - an - Aloha

On Da Bus

Doing my part to fight global warming and shit, I figured I'd catch The Bus to work. Actually, I had no car, so I had to.

I find life full of intresting things.

Like the price of gas

A good enough reason as any to catch the bus, I guess.


What a tourist doesnt realize, is that a lei is a gift from one to another, and if you are through enjoying that gift, pass it on to another, or lay it on a grave, or toss it to the ocean to find souls and spirits.

Dont toss it in the trash.


Japanese tourists use the bus to travel alot, mostly colleege kids, and country families.

Bus 666

The Bus was crowded, and standing was the call. I dont mind but some folks after all day at the beach, dont sweeten the air. There were plenty of tourists coming from Hanauma Bay.

Aloha, Transportation!

Alas, all rides end, and the terminal left me with a walk down Kalakaua Ave. Whee.


Down the avenue, on to work.


When we were small kine kids, we used to go with my Gram down to the area fronting Diamond Head, well, sorta over, since that area is a gay beach now; more towards Waikiki proper, and there used to be many Lei makers, sitting on the beach, on Kalakaua Avenue, weaving Lei. They would sit just like this statue, weaving Aloha into every one.

There are none now.


There is a giant aquarium one the corner by the hellish pinkness.

There is the whole bloody pacific ocean on the other side.

Your guess is as good as mine.

The Evil

And then you are imprisoned.

Anyways, thats the deal for today.

Blogger wont let me load more, so edits for later.


This from - one of the blogs I was perusing -

A rather magical friend arrived in Nouméa on 11 July 2006. Her name is Anne Bercot. If you don't know Anne, you'll be fascinated by her. If you do know Anne, you'll be excited to learn that she has just begun another rather impressive project ...

Anne has begun a new life at the age of 63. She has just started a SEVEN-YEAR TOUR of the WORLD and we are lucky enough to have her start with us. Anne is planning to travel the world on her own, hopping from here to Fiji, Vanautu, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia and then off to South America, the United States (by cargo boat, plane, foot, thumb, whatever!), and who knows where else. She has already stayed with two tribes here in New Caledonia, has learned more about the native culture than we have, has hitchhiked down the island, slept in a "case" (hut) on the sea, dined with a local TV presenter and has a list of New Caledonian contacts a mile long!

If you want to know more, see Anne's blog (which she is maintaining in English and French). You will learn more about her reasons for her seven-year journey, why she has started here, what she is experiencing, and where she is going next. I highly recommend it.

Now you tell me, does that rock, or what? I am linking it but its mostly in French, but pix do more than words, and theres a link in da side bar stuffs.

Ok then, Aloha!


Aloha Friday

Actually got to get wet today.

Figuring that Israel and Hezbollah (anyone else think that is a really fucked up name for a rebel group?) Sounds like a cross between shaving your 'nads too close with a rusty razor, and a bad hat.

Naming a terroist group should probably be one of the things you think kinda like deep on, no?

Not some takfir sneeze sounding name, but more, say scary?

"Balahead rinky-dinks" wont put fear in the heart of a nation, but something like "rippayalungs out" might.

OK, nuff with politics.

Big Boss

Run by this guy, if ya asked me.

Then again, you gots some real creeped out looking character that claims to have killed a 6 year old; I mean really, could the dweebs pants have been any higher? No balls, maybe? He wont have any soon, that is for sure. So he is in Thailand, teaching second graders, and is conversing via e-mail, with a author of Jon Benets murder.

Shits weird, if ya ask me. Nah, dont ask.


Not fun kine freaks, harmless freaks, but freaked-out freaks.

I am all for a good freak, vive la difference!!!!, but ya gotta draw that line somewhere, right?

The bottom line is I got to get wet, and the stress' of the worlds problems, (much greater than my own) fall by the way side. No brutal, mind cripping session, but a grovelling, wait and hunt sloppy wave fest.

Did it suck?

Someways, yeah.

But for overall; mind rinse, sanity flush (a close relative of sani-flush, not available in stores, tho')karma kooling, sun shining, time...it worked.

Cant buy it on-line, cant order over the phone.

You might see it in your loved-ones eyes; that brief starry sparkle after...well, after.

Might catch 'em mussin' up that little rats hair, the one that 2 minutes prior drove you a half-inch from ballistic fire.

The government wont dole it out to you in times of need, you gotta find it on your own - It might be in your garden, your faith, your hobbie.

Might be in your Hubby, for that matter. Or own femme.

It is in there, somewhere alighting the heart strings all over the world, but we just dont press the access button. We build our defense so that no one can peer into our soul and use ourself against our self.

Wishing you all finders keepers this weekend.



Pailolo - (slapped silly)

Alarm clocks must ring, that is a given.

Why then, must I always awaken just before the damn thing rings?

'Cause I am stupids, li' dat.

The alarm clock on my side of the bed now deemed un-sleepable by her royal highness the unsinkable Lady C, is the first new one I have gotten in a number of years.

It was on sale at the evil domain of Costco, so I bagged it. It has a real user-friendly face, glowing dials of orange & red. My old one woke me just fine. (just like my bed sleeps my sorry ass just fine as well) But I bought it anyway. I still wake up 3 or 4 minutes before the damn thing goes off. It is virtually useless to try to go back to sleep; I am awake already. No matter when I go to sleep, I always do this; wake before the damn alarm. My mind hates me. REM sleep for me means -




Or something like it.

SO many days of work, and so many assignments (emphasis on ass), that the respite of my unbeliveably cool, suave, and generally boffo Uncle Gil coming in for he and Aunt Sharon for their 20th anniversary was a mere flash in the pan. (if anyone remembers the group of that same phrase, you rock) - Only could do a few minor regal showings for him, but he is a winner of all winners.

Todays adventure w/ the Lady C driving me a mere 15 degrees of insanity away from total harmonious breakdown involved -

Going to a Mall and assisting a Hypertensive lady passing out from heat, and dehydration, calling 911, the firecom, and being there when the crews arrived...wait, I am off-duty. I am just glad she didnt drop dead and CPR woulda been needed.

Buying a bath tub for Grand Keiki KJ.

Discussing said bath tub.

(its a friggin' bath tub, damn it!)

Going to Walmart.

Dear god, why?

Going to Sam's Club.

Dear god, what did I do???

Going to Best Buy.

*all the planning, writing and sound effects couldnt do justice to the time here. lets just say...

Dear god, what the heck did I do wrong to be put in this living hell??

All this after taking the Maimai to skool
finding a lost Homework, driving it back to the skool and coming home, making a surf check, (hey! got small kine! I can go before work!!)

(insert EVIL womanly laugh here)

Only to find the above events scheduled for my demise.

Hey, at least I am on duty tomorrow, and away from the clutches of the Leader of my Crucifixion....

Of course, I kid...I kid.


How many hours ar really in a day?


Go, dog, Go!!

So many steps to take in a journey of any length. Even before that first step, the mind has journeyed. We practice our emergence into the world in well worn shoes. ( some of us - sans de shoe) We leave trails of bread crumbs to return by; curiosity can lead to different tacks and turns, all in hopes of arriving safely at our destination.


No matter where you go, no matter how far you roam.

A journey of any sort...

Attains experiences not planned; nor prepared for ...

How we react to those experiences not prepped for is what makes the journey...


Good weekend, I'll be working, experience through my minds eye.

(for now)



Magic Act

Now that the 20' container is out from in front of my house (no pix, cause the damn thing was gone by the time I got the cam out) 1 day to unload, next day...voila! vanishing act.

So the garage is loaded up with boxes, stuff, and assorted bric-a-brac. All being moved ever so slowly, I mean, smoothly by K and his new clan.


Lady C has her ways of doing.

Eye to eye w/ me?

Not (X2).

But things are getting done, and how can you expect everting to be done in like *snaps fingers* a flash?

You gots 10 peoples in a house that had 4, and things are gonna be busier than a freeway at rush hour in NYC. Besides the fact that the container was supposed to take 3 to 4 weeks to get here, but took only 5 days.

Sooooo whatdya say about having a beverage?


Gotta work ... and her pinkness is brimming again with a new infux of visitors. Got the back stabbing of my career in the Firehouse; I wont be going back out to my beloved Station 5, and thats OK, more money at Firecom, and I am lucky either way...

Mai is working so hard at school, I cant express how great it is to know she is actually hearing what I say. Algerbra is killing her, as it did me, but she is getting aid from her teach, and seems to be working at improving, and thats all I can ask for.

Now if I can just get Her Lady-ness to have a sane thought now and then...we'd be all good.


As always,

Demented, tired, but still can -



Soul Shadows In Bright Lighting

Had to buy Lady C some cosmetics at the store today. Nothing like asking for “Estee Lauder ‘beautiful’ the sheer scent, please” to perk up a salesladies ears. “No mam, that isn’t for me, and do you have Magna Span – (something or other, as I already forgot what the hell it was called) Mascara?

As her eyes grew wider.

Also, do have “Lash Primer plus?”

Not for me, fo’ real.

She was real nice about my whole cross-gendered stupidity about what the hell goes gobbing on her majesty’s bod.

Never one to make shame on buying feminine hygiene products, it was another one of my finest moments being able to assert my manhood by comfortably making sure that all items were invisible through the package.

Yep, that’s me, pure stud muffin; bravely walking into the tampon aisle, and latching on to the super plus, and boldly striding to the check out.

‘knowing that the check out lady will give me the – “you not going get lucky tonight, eh, bruddah?” look. Why, no I guess you are right. I was lucky enough to have no more late night jaunts to the store for such items for about a year, the span between Lady C’s hysterectomy and Mai-Mai’s start of womanhood. I never minded, nor will I ever. It makes for good tales.

Maybe I will get a third job, in sales.


Smile, live, say something out of the ordinary to someone who needs something out of the ordinary said to them.


Kaleo James says – ‘burp-le’


Them's here;... finally a surf.


The whole Ohana (family) is here, but the cam is uncharged and the busy-ness is unending - So tired and yet got some charge up left in the tank.

Got to get wet today - but my surfing just plain sucked. Floundering like a dish rag in the wind soaked in jell-o.

Stolen from Maui Mama

Unlike this little ripper, whose Mama I stole the pix from (no bash me, 'K?)

Her pinkness hotel 'em heckage is packed with 20,000 lawyers this week, not all at our place, of course, but with the restaurant right on da beach acerage, you know it'll be a killer week.

I promise to post the littlest surf grommet's pix as soon as humanly - (thats a stretch, for me) - possible.

Ther is 24 hours in a day, right?