A few more work days...

...and we are outta here for Vegas.




Thank You, Neil.

Chrome Dreams II.

Neil Young's new album.

Thank you. Thank you very very much.

Spend 18 minutes and listen to "Ordinary People"

Well worth it.



A Morning Surf 4 Papa

Got up at the crack o' dawn and there was no wind. Having that inbred surf-meter beating beyween my ears, I tip-toed my ever sandy brain out the door.

Trying desperately not to awaken any or all that were resting.

(Hey! I'm thinking about all the beauty sleep you all are getting)

Loaded up the truck, (which I actually remember how to drive) an headed for the old default surf spot.

Ver glad I did. Nice and clean, and what a way to start my day; long as they are, nothing but nothing beats getting in the water for a surf to rejuvenate your stretched soul.


Of course, now I am working Da Pink.


The Surf Lesson.

So Mr. Surf Rat got his first surf lesson today.

Lucky me. 24 hours of Firecom yesterday just about murdered me.

And now, that ever-loving Pinkness.



Air Show

Team Kolohe went to the Blue Angels Air show in Kaneohe Marine Base.

Kaleo loves his airplanes.

Blue Speed
Amazing Grace
Mai, Kiana, and Mai's Friend
Grammy and Joe Cool
Chow Time
Akoni Bear and Joe
HFD Tank-top on Mr. Moto.

Of course I was working, so pffft, I couldnt go.
I am so beat/worn out/exhausted I could just shit.



Surf. and once more, surf.

A 2 day, 3 session, surf-a-rama.

Kekoa 'Keeks' Kahananui...

No worries, it was a great 2 day sessions, and now work, and more tomorrow....

Saltwater dreams.

Oh, but there are no saltwater dreams at the pink tonight. No sir. "warm comforting connections" - The managerial BS tag line - is out the freaking window tonight. Never in 25+ years have I seen such incompetence from the top. Amazing. Party of 28 - nothing but complaints. Understaffed, over burdened cooks. Oh man, its a cluster-fuck.

La do da do dey, baby!



50th & Hilo & Us Guys.

Dad, Mom, and Kaleo
The Hiker/Biker
Trail Head
Waipio Valley
"I got some land here for youse"
Waimea Stop sign
Da house from Da Road
Big Doggie
Da Home
Welcoming commitee
"Here, Papa, Dis flight!"
Mr. Traveler-GQ

We made it, and made it special for 2 really cool people who hang-out together for 50 years.

And Stanford (Dads alma mater) just beat the evil empire that USC.......was.




Off to Hilo

Kaleo and I are off to Hilo, Big Island for Gram Gramps 50th wedding annivesary/house blessing.

See ya.