Roof Shit

Doofus boy had to fix the roof due to 50MPH winds - Dint croak off the top - Here is 360 degrees off the apex of my life -


Left right back front in order ; so to speak


Son #2's Hike on Big Island

Hike miles and miles. See Honu's. Pretty good life for the second son.


Squeeze to stay small

If I could just keep 'em innocent, safe and happy. To be able to catch waves and balls and run and jump. To laugh and cry and spaz and wobble.


What'd you do to be able to re-raise the others? Shit if I know.

2 guys that usually are tearing each others retinas out with toothpicks, hugging like long lost twins.

Go figure.



Gimme a minute

...and I will start that sucker up, Papa!

Neighbors tore down their house - Kekoa dreams of what havoc he could cause.

It aint like he needs a demo toool, either!


Went to the country today - guys killer in the water cold North winds after 1100 AM good guys....

Life moves on.


What recession?

Some people have more money than brains.

These were dweebs. Serious dweebs.




That can really piss me off; or as someone bette than i said - "that'll put sand in your shorts"

Doesnt piss me off...

So back in December; my boss at the old pink asks to have a "chit-chat". As in a chittin' and a chattin'. So I go like the good worker bee and sit down and chit and chat away. Basically, she enlightens me that - the hotel is going to cut hours; and that business has not been as profitable as hoped; and that changes, 'they be a coming"

I have done this shit at the old pink for 28 years, mind you. January 19, 1982 to be exact-a-mundo. Employee #26350. (They are in #52000 range now) And needless to say, i have seen a lota shit and done a lotta shit in those past 28 years. I became a fireighter, had 3 kids, 3 grandkids, had loved ones die, move away, and have manged to mangle myself in a assortment of water bourne - and - earth bourne ways.

When I became a recruit in HFD; i asked for 16 weeks of leave of absence to concentrate on what was to become my profession. And was granted it - after using all my vacation, of course. 2 weeks into the training (bust ass,tests, studying, etc) the boss asks if I can work 1 day on the weekends. Due to the fact that one of my fellow employees was pregnant, and could not work - doc's orders. So I say - whoa -I got this small thing called a carrer on the line. "But we dont have ANYONE to work; and its only 1 or 2 days on the weekend"

Famous last frikking words.

By the next week, I was working 5 days a week. I'd fininsh my recruit training at 5PM, hustle to my car, drive down to waikiki from the airport, throw all my books, ropes, study shit into a bag, and work till 1100PM. Then I'd drive home at midnight, study till 1 or 2, and wake at 6AM to get to training by 8. And do that for 16 weeks.

I made a deal w/ queenship; no surf, for the 16 weeks - cause you get hurt; you are out of the recruit class.

Me = Happy.


Anyhow; prior to this (1995) in 1990 I had gotten fired by the pink for a drunk guest writing a tip of 8 dollars that he meant to be 3. I wont go into all the bullshit that that entailed, but again, famous last words by yours truly after he got his job and back pay to the HR manager (who subsequently was "let go") were : "Yes it is FUCKING GREAT to be back" after the twat asked me if "I was happy to be back".....arggh.

Another anyhow, and to the present > After our little chit chat, I have the distinct feeling that the old "behind the back" pass over my senority was being conceived behind some closed doors.

Sure were.

I had been giving away the 8 hour shifts to the "lady" below me as this is her only job, needs insurance, blah blah blah. So Mr. nice (idiot) was giving her the hours. I still worked 4 5 or 6 days in a wed to wed schedule. The boss and her, knowing that the hours were going to get cut, magically moved her ABOVE me. Now I get nada for hours since January.

And a fine fuckyouverymuch or your kindness, Mark.

Not sooooooo fast kimosabe.

Enter the union. Enter senority. Enter what the fuck do you think you are doing?

Bottom line the now are paying me back pay of ove 130 hours; premium short shift pay; I am where I belong on the schedule (I dont give NO hours away at all now) - and such is as it goes.

Best part is oneof the other employees was talking to my boss after I won the grieveance, and the boss says "Mark's tone seemed so upset at the meeting" to which she said - " well whatta you expect? You were wrong!"

...and like a dumbass, I'll probably feel sorry for her and give hours up after a while...

Such the doofus.



Tsunami & Ranger Kaleo

Watched for the Tsunami above myhome. This is the bay fronting our area. Much ado about nothing but better safe than sorry.

Got a whole buncha bottlled water extra now, 'tho.

Ranger Kaleo on patrol to keep the looters away.

****As far as the PINK goes ....... I WIN; THEY LOSE.


Told 'em so.