Surf Review

Shit like this is the only reason I am sane.

Eh. Fuck with me; its Ok.

As figured, the Step1 grievance was a joke, lotta BS and nothing accomplised - well it was, but only in my favor , to make 'em look more moronic than they already are/were. It may be long, it may be irritatin' but the fact is, i aint fuckin bending over......


D Day tomorrow

Start the long battle tomorrow w/ union and hotel. 830 PST. I plan on being very mellow. I plan on being very polite. I plan on expressing myself in the Kings english. I plan on kicking ass, and taking names.

I've surfed. Alot.

Not bad, not good.

But regardless, Neil will be in my head, and in my ears.

I think Powder Finger, and I'm Fuckin' Up, are appropo.

I'm such a restless, incompetent asshole.


A month later

And on we go. Annie you contact me whenever. I am on twitter @hawaiianmark.

Surfed today. thak God/Goddess

And still fighting the Pink. Union dragging. have info on lawyer.

And so we go.