1 of many reasons I am Insane

Have had a attack of gout/arthritis in the ankle bone for a week. Most humans apparently have it for a day or 3 tops. Of course, I have to blow that to shitskis - right when killer swells are lighting up the beaches.

Actually called in sick at FIRE, which I never do since on Friday, doofus boy couldnt walk. cant/dont sleep either. Have to work at the Hotel since we have NO ONE that can work since 1 person is on vacation.


Foot @ Work

At least it will go away; not soon enuf, tho'.


Tutu Kane Day

Off to the west side on Fathers Day; adventure for the kids, and pre-work Papajoy for me.


Is It Asleep?

My Dad once asked my Mom that question. I dont think I have ever really been asleep. The engine just runs too fast; and the petrol powering it seems to not ever hit empty.


Actually, it does. I think I hit "E" on the gauge with astonishing regularity now; it appears to have something to do with the amount of grey hairs that get harvested from my 'stache. I used to kid the Lady C that they were not grey, but blonde. They have become too obvious now. Sometimes I wonder deeply about what exactly I have accomplished as a father. I am lucky enough to have a role model/friend/advisor for my own Dad. Having always looked upon him as a fair, even temperd soul; I cast great shadows of doubt on my own fatherhood.

"They will always be your kids/children" - I really dont care for this saying; I imagine that everyone wishes to distance themselves from their own offspring once-in-a-while, dont they? When I question myself on this, I seem to self flaggelate since 'no one wants to excommunicate their own child' - do they? Tending to the infinite sadness that the prodigal son plys gets weary. When does Daddy quit? When father get fed up, what actions can he use that defends the action, as well as the sincerity of it?

Luckily, the ocean washes clear some of the silt of decaying truth. It respects those that respect it; and holds it safely in Mother Oceans grasp. Even tides will stir up the bottom; but those feeders will delight in a few morsels, given the chance to forage. From the days of hunter-gather, is that what all fathers do? Teach survival? Or better yet for some, to teach to flourish, and bloom in the worlds beauty and love.

It does not take big balls to admit defeat. It really only takes a look in the mirror; and realize that the eyes looking back at you are part of someone who cares as well.

Thank you, Dad for all the lessons hard and easy, and for all the support.

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana.


Life. Overheard.

Whiteguy: Can I get one of those Bic lighters?
(Cashier rings up one lighter.)

Cashier: $1.93, please.

Whiteguy: What! That's so expensive! You guys think pretty highly of your lighters, huh?

Cashier: To be fair, it is the ultimate convenience in man-made fire, which allowed our species to take over the planet from all the other animals.
(long pause)

Whiteguy: You know, when you put it that way, two bucks doesn't seem like that much to not have to rub two twigs together.

Friendly Reminder

Hey you.

It is almost July.

Just a friendly reminder from your local neighborhood doofus.

Now, back to regularly scheduled bitching and moaning.

*Side order surf as well.

Imua Kamehameha

Kaleo just got into Kamehameha pre-school - below is the will Berniece Pauahi Bishop part of the reason there is land, money, and a school for Hawaiian Blooded children.

I give, devise and bequeath all of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate real and personal, wherever situated unto the trustees below named, their heirs and assigns forever, to hold upon the following trusts, namely: to erect and maintain in the Hawaiian Islands two schools, each for boarding and day scholars, one for boys and one for girls, to be known as, and called the Kamehameha Schools.

I direct my trustees to expend such amount as they may deem best, not to exceed however one-half of the fund which may come into their hands, in the purchase of suitable premises, the erection of school buildings, and in furnishing the same with the necessary and appropriate fixtures furniture and apparatus.

I direct my trustees to invest the remainder of my estate in such manner as they may think best, and to expend the annual income in the maintenance of said schools; meaning thereby the salaries of teachers, the repairing buildings and other incidental expenses; and to devote a portion of each years income to the support and education of orphans, and others in indigent circumstances, giving the preference to Hawaiians of pure or part aboriginal blood; the proportion in which said annual income is to be divided among the various objects above mentioned to be determined solely by my said trustees they to have full discretion.

It is a big deal. Let me put it like this - such a large percentage of children apply to get into Kamehameha that the chances of just getting picked are huge. Somewhere, someone or thing or buncha-guys-gathered-in-a-closet are loking out for one said kiddo.

The resources of Kamehameha are HUGE. they are the largest landowner in the state; and when land is at a premium, you get the most for your land (if you get my drift) All of my kids applied and where shot down. For him to have the educational opportunities that are available here, is amazing.

I'm just a bit player in his life; just a small part of what over the long run will encompass many experiences. I have always tried with all my keiki; all of them. For the most part, I think Lady C and I have done pretty good. Kaleo's father will always be a work in progress, this I must realize. It may never be completed, and that will always darken some part of our days, since a joyfilled offspring; healthy, happy and productive is all any parent can desire. But our family unit must be a whole, must strive for something that is better than sadness brought on by a selfish force of one.

Ohana cannot force happiness and joy; it must be accpeted by each as it occurs.

But you got to let it occur.

Safe weekends all.



For the droves who look for Ainokea stuff via search engines -

Look to the right and paste that link. It will hook you up for what you are looking for.





You know when numbers show up that arent familiar? You know how that gets a tad irritating? You know how when you call that number back and a actual human answers how nice it is when they hang the hell up on you when you ask them to remove you from their lists?

(603) 214-3573
Type: Land Line
Provider: Freedom Ring Communications
Location: Errol, NH

Well, damn the bollocks and put he horse out for water Martha.

I hope somehow in the realm of the Interwebs/net that these promoters of phone flea-dom get hit with a billion friggin calls.

I warned them.


Would I lie?


Surf ^ Eats

Went surfing w/ the kohnster; good bro.

grinds at Kua Aina

burnt to purple.



More Surf

Oh well. Somebodys gotta do it, I guess.

Do it, then work my ass off for nothing.

Ah Well.



Grad Party

Lots of surf; graduation party for Mai's prom date Jacob, Mom & Dad from big island visiting for the party. Busy.

Gotta work



6 minutes, better seats!

3 minutes


Other day; last day of Mai's school, went on a quick jaunt up Waahila Ridge trail for and hour before picking up the daughter-kid. Chased some chickens, lapped by some dogs, both had to crap at the same time, saw bugs, chased dragons, monsters, and more bugs.

Got dirt on the new shoes (Strap me up, papa!) and dirt on the new slippers.

Saw the valley that Mai's school is at; and got drizzled on.

Off into the sunrise
I Gotta Stick!
Ah C'mon Papa!

All these things i will forget, and the days will turn to years, and the full moon wonder(!) and why birds fly? will turn to questions and feelings that I alone can not answer.

They will all grow up, move on, get scars.

They will have hearts broken and fellings challenged.

Together they will fight each other, and all those who threaten the other.

They will look up to the big sister; and the even bigger Aunty.

Fall down, stand straight, put that down, put that back.

Dont touch, wipe that off.

Who left this?

Who made this?

Who wants more?

You are welcome.

Thank you.

Blue and brown eyes flashing in the waves, and hands out stretched to gather the shore.

Be good.

Be back soon.

Be aware of all that goes on around you.

Mind your sister, she IS older than you.

You better watch them, young lady!

They did what?




Vegas Ack!

Hoo Boy!

Saw Fleetwood Mac at MGM grand arena.....THEY WERE KILLER! What a packed houseand great show.

No She Did NOT!!!

Made it through another vegas trip (holy heat shit, batfriends!)

Besides getting my ass kicked at craps and shopping, it was agood respite from the usual.

Lady C's phone crpped out as well; and that was a four hour dillemma. Met up with Little Kennys other half at Fashion Show mall at that was killer. Ate well, played shitty, and saw nephews that had moved up to Vegas. One works as security at the Palms hotel, and he had some interesting tales of celebraties and assorted creatures.

Back at thr grind now, and as they say.....