Hopefully, Little Kenny launced as well.

I have no idea why the pix are so damn huge now, but once I have some semblance of life back, I'll figure it out.

Just over 1.5K spent and about 120 hours of work time.

But its getting there.

Hope ya made it home LK!


Come on baby lets go downtown.

Its In!

Ok. Basatrds in, and she didnt go without a fight. of course being a resolute MFer she had to. isnt that what all resolute MFers do? Nah. Nah. Well half a nah and a whole WTF?.

Kohnster; my dear bro from FIRE came and led )the doofi, me) thru the in and out of how the fuck not to fuck up the plumbing.

If not for him, I'd be opening boxes and screaming to jehosaphatz - 'ya prick'!

We got the bastard in - 60" wide - space open? - 61". Not much lee way there. Mark.

But by trial and tribulation, the bastard was gently (forced like a mother) placed in.

Got the old 30 + years plumbing out, and sweated and put the new guts of the shower in.

Fuckin' thanks Kohnster; I owe you a wave or 2.


More power and stuff

All day slave-ism for me, it is OK, tho' made Noodles for dinner for the troops. Kaleo is whining a whole bunch, but as they say - Life or a resonable facsimile - goes on!



Electricity and Sink

Kohnster came and assited the remodelling-challenged with adding a outlet for the jacuzzi tub.

He didnt electrocute me. Nor I him, altho' I did kinda try. I guess in a sense I did; since he is getting a vasectomy on Tuesday. Where the getting nutered fell in with this, I have no idea. Then again, there is reason for everything I 'magine.

Got a really good deal on a bath room sink - 50 bucks off craigslist (again!) for a Kohler Sink valued at $150 - $175, so thats a score I reckon. Ordered a behind the lua (toilet) storage thingy made of recycled glass and faux bamboo, for the kiddo to throw things on the floor around.

Last week at FIRE we got our annual statement of vacation and sick leave taken.

Besides the time off from the wonderful moped incident, I took a grand total of .....

1 day vacation last year.

When we went to Vegas last year I swapped one day with another guy, and had to call in sick as we had guys on vacation already, and I had booked the trip, so call in sick was all I could do. I dont like to call in sick, if I aint, some twisted dedication and all that BS, I guess, good old company dweeble. Me.

I'm not bitching, just sayin' I am plodding along with the bathroom, so we will see, wont we?


Here's a link to tsome TV coverage of The Pink Grand Re-opening Gala


Handy Manny figures his shit out

So I got the stuff in right. Now all I gotta do is hook up electrical, and plumbing, and tile, and sink, toilet, floor......