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Surf, Surf, Surf. God Bless ya, Laks.

No Sharp Objects, Please! / Or how transexuals can play volleyball on the court next to you and be entertaining...

Finished work this AM. Lots on the plate w/ HFD. At the hotel hell now.

Yesterday while the crew was playing volleyball, the court next to our gang ( as it often is) was packed with transexuals, homosexuals, and other assorted gender-benders playing v-ball. I have nothing to say against peoples own choices. Whatever floats your boat, good for you. I am straight ( crooked in the brain) but you like what yo like, and it doesnt bother me a bit. Just dont stare at my ass, Thank you.

Only reason I say anything at all is the juxtaposition of 8 firemen playing a roughhouse game of v-ball (builds teamwork), and the 10-12 "girls/guys/?" next court, and the difference. Me, I find humor anywhere I can. I need it. So hearing the girls,etc...comment and sashay to and fro' is humor to me. it seems so bizarre to have such a opposite group playing right there. And the conversation that differs 'tween the two. Sure most of our crew have the homophobic view, snide comments and such. But in context of the situation, it is pretty funny. Especially when I have a brother in law who is gay as Liberace. So hearing the "girls" comments, and knowing what they are commenting about is funny shit.

A couple of the transgendered types are actually pretty good looking. They could pass for women easily, and do. We wont go into the military guys that fall for the ugly ones here. That is more hilarity than I have time for.

The comments are so opposite, from gender specifics, to sexual inuendos, the range of this shit would fill a book. Most of it was not directed at anyone, so no offense either side. But you know the girls were checking out the guys. And it is hard not to notice the squeals of the girls when they are playing. Funny shit.

There are some straight looking charecters that play with them, so the thought that pops into my head, is WTF is their picadillos? Are they transgendered humpers? Gay? Realted? A wide variety, too, "locals" "haoles" - a.k.a. white folk, african-american ("popolo" - not derogatory)
and others. Fat, skinny, medium. Interesting too is that they always herb out after, and we are drug tested, so who knows if we would test positive from second hand. Hawaiian Buds are potent, and the smell is super sweet.

Nuff of that shit.

Work is work, and that is that. Busting arse for HFD & Chief with all kinda responsibilites. Golf tourney on Friday. More drunk photos soon!

Surf = ZERO

That sucks the most.



**7 inch extended single / 33RPM / Gimme back my black T-Shirt**

Not a moment goes by when thinking is irrelevant. Ow. That hurts to even think about. Deep, baby, deep as deep can get- thoughts.

The recent spew of BS from C & assorted memebers of the crew have 1 pissed off man living on a island amongst 800,000 others. Psychotic episodes aside, thunder clouds loom over head, aint no breeze, never had a chance to surf, ...Frickin' pissed. Nuf on that.

Someone, somewhere, explain the need for a $200 cell phone. The thing rings, you answer the fucker, and talk into the damn thing. WTF?

Most dark clouds are apart of that - along with assorted dumbass moves. All brought to you via the power of bitching, whining, woman. WTF x2 ?

Back to station 'morrow. Thank God. 24 hours plus away from retardeness...not a word, yeah, but says more than a real word would.

Flower leis in the hotel smell really fricking nice. 1 bright spot to today. At least I am aware enuf to notice 'em. All on the older Kupuna ( elders ) here for a ladies convention. Classy. Nice and classy.



Absolute Frustration / Stop Making Sense

Psychotic episode 1 - Get me out of this place.

Psychotic episode 2 - Are you for real? You cant be serious, you did what?

Psychotic episode 3 - Drive 25 miles, dont see a thing, drive back, dont see a thing, how the hell did you not kill yourself/someone else?

Psychotic episode 4 - "Go on, take the money and run"

Psychotic episode 5 - Derogatory term, useless except to piss females off.

Psychotic episode 6 - thefuckingstoveisthesizeitisandthatisthewayitisbecauseicantbe

Psychotic episdoe 1,946.5 - Just waiting, waiting, to go fucking ape-shit crazy. Just. Wait.




The interview list for FF2 came out today.

July 8.

Finally maybe more good than bad for a change.

2 weeks to study and worry, prolly blow a friggin gasket - My own M.O.

02 Tank blow out, Thoughts on what coulda been

The 02 Tank that blew... And if the occupant did not die behind the entry door, there would have been 3 or 4 of us dead. Posted by Hello

When we got there, this apartment was a inferno. The wife was on the floor in the lobby, with a security guard an others doing CPR. Elevator to 2 floors below, and up the stairwell to the firefloor. The 4 of us - Bg*, Youngguy*, J*, Me. Bust the door, cant open it all the way. Victim was behind, blocking movement of the door. Find him, remove him, check, DOA. The worst part was feeling his burnt flesh on his wrists slide under my gloves. Attack w/ hose line. Start to open the door, which had a automatic door closing device on it. Just before we would be opening the door the tank blew. The whole building shook. Threw J* to the floor, and all of us looked and said "what the fuck was that?"Made entry, into what was one of the hottest places i have been in 10 years doing this. Weird, we put a whole shitload of water on it, and there was 20+ O2 bottles in this apartment. Residents were chronic alcoholics, COPD, and chain smokers. Can you say WTF? Sad that a person died, but it runs over and over in my head what woulda been, coulda been if things had been just a minute bit of difference. Oh well.

Came home, I guess that someone, somewhere, was looking out for us. Thanks.

O2 Tank #2 end of entry hallway

More Aloha Drive Fire Posted by Hello

This was the one at the end of the hallway, the tiniest mo'fo hallway for the 4 of us to squeeze thru, SCBA's and all the other shit going down.

O2 Tank #2 - Hallway

Aloha Drive Fire Posted by Hello

One of the 20 plus O2 tanks that were in the apartment. This was at the end of the entry hall, and when we entered, after the explosion, all you could see was this fucker, silouetted against the flames burning all thru the apartment. Didnt think about it at the time, but WTF prolly would not have been a bad thought. And to think I get paid less than 35K a year to do this. nice to know 2 jobs are needed to survive in paradise, while a ballplayer with a hurt pinky making 300 million cries like a bitch. You can see alot of the other tanks in the fore-back ground. More fun.

Removal Posted by Hello

Yvonne Place Fire Posted by Hello


Kryptonite Kills Superman, Stocks Rise On The News....

K lost his meager job today. Son #1 lost job. Hawaiianmark tries to remedy with positive re-inforcement. C all over the place emotionally, moody, etc. ( and repeat that etc. for a eternity) No surfing today, surf suppose to build tomorrow. We will see. Buoy reports look so-so. Hard to read 'em, if it is serious swell or just skipping by. Guess we will find out AM 'morrow.

Hard to understand K losing his job. I have been working since 1973, summers, whenever, then for real when we got outta school, and married. Never been fired. Quit a few, but never fired. I cant feel what is going on in his head, so that sucks. Cant be there for him, 'cause I am here at the Hotel, with all the other lemmings. Lemmings, heh.

Guess I am one, too. (Off the cliff with you!!!!)

Firehouse was a killer yesterday, not crisis killer, but killer with work. Going, going, all day. Then basically up all night with the damn full moon, ( never can sleep well with a full moon) & alarms up the yang over the radio. This temporary Chiefs Driver shit is for the birds. Come out list!!!! Frick, long enuf already!

Stillneed to do that photoblog of a day shit. Mai-mai had the digi-cam for a few days, so thats the delay. Gotta work, shit.

Added- Work. Sucks. Big. Fat. Doggy. Dicks.

Computer system (POS terminal) is not taking Credit Cards. Oh Joy. All manually. Wonderful. Numbers up the yin-yang.



Post Fathers Day Surf-O-Rama & Monday Deepest Blues Are Black

CW 945AM to 1245AM. -"Sino Walls" got to get into Mother Ocean this 'morning. Ultra low tide when passing the M - Bay after getting off duty. Rewarded by getting skunked the first 15 minutes. Tide filled in, and waves generally decided to show up. Bit on the inconsistent side, but the hammer came when the nail stood up. Mellow time, plenty of moments to think, and be thought of. Couple of real gems, got 2 well lined-up walls, deep take-offs, and proceeded to try and tear the shit outta the wave. Good off-the-tops, followed by (ok) roundhouse cuttys back to the coming foam ball. Inside bowl was not working too often, but managed a cover up barrel at least once. Got a good session in.

Yesterday was mellow at the ol' firehouse. Sick hiker, at the top of Diamond Head. All the troops. Ladder, Rescue, Air1 and us. EMS, all did a fine job to extricate the patient from the bunkers at the top. EMS later told us he denied treatment. More typical tourist BS. Took the free helicopter ride, tho'. Get to put all the resources at risk, thanks to your inability to realize that you are a overweight, outta shape, self-centered, dweeb. Dont mind helping you, but for crying out loud, it is 90 degrees, there is NO water on the 1mile hike, so ...5-P's doofus! Prior Planning Prevents Pisspoor Performance!!! Hydrate! Realize your limits! Stop me from bitching! Job, yes, but uneeded risks at the cause of those with meager brain capacity, No.

Nice part was all the other touristas saying what a fine job all did. Was really quick. Air1 got there in no time flat. Ladderman (Coach construct-o-dude) ran with (Kakiona & 'Oribats) all the way up for there AM work out. got there same time Air 1 showed up w/ us and Rescue. Good job all around, noone hurt, main thing.

C on the rampage, K out to lunch, smoking herbs in my truck, and trashed my Foofighters new CD case, not the Disc, but, WTF, I take care of my shit. Knew he was herbing, cause I found a ash on the stickshift counsel, and herbalicious smell it was! Cant hide what I recognize, K?

Aloha for now, it is showtime at the Pepto-Bismal-rrific colored jobbo #2....

Ah, to be back in the water, instead of here...


D.O.A. = 1, Avulsion's = 1, Surf = Fat friggin zero

Back on shift cycle, forgot to do the photoblogging thing. Fire in the valley, 1 DOA, Avulsions, 1, kid on a bike, split open his calf.

End of day.

More later.



But I WIll

Do the photo thing. Surf, tomorrow. Please.

Didnt do the Photo thing.

Large fire this AM. 1 DOA. Not how I wanted to start the work cycle.


4, count 'em, 4 days off, all 4 bad, all 4 work @ Job#2, all 4 naught...

Schedule of my sanity-sustaining job @ the firehouse allows for 24 hour shifts, (3 of 'em) spaced w/ a day off, follwed by 4 daze off. On these 4 daze, I migarte my sorry ass to the oasis of pink in our island sea of blue.

What a friggin' long winded diatribe.

Job2, at the 1927 built pink lady of Waikiki, for the past 23 years. Joy. Work an average of 29-30 days ( s/b daze ) a month. Hella fun. Surf keeps me sane. ( aruguably ) Hours at hotel predominately night, restaurant. So stress is my co-pilot. He packs a large spot in my truck load of life.

So, that being said, lets get to the litany of problemo's facing Hawaiianmark of recent, prime, vintage. Any wives, women, significant others who have/are going thru the wonderous time after a hysterectomy, please leave your comments for my reading. I would appreciate it. It sure as fuck could help me in this period of change. C had hers done 2 years back, and avoiding meds, ahs been pretty even keeled for the most part. Recently, w/ her job problems, the silent mode, (aka- as come near me, speak to me, or let me know of your exsistence, and I will KILL you) C has been quite the handfull of late. So today I kindly asked for us to speak about the situation, this, instead of going for a surf, so, pretty dire for me.

Bottom line C been lying about a set of debts that are now gonna fuck us, violently, in the ASS.

Oh for the 1 week a month of PMS, so much easier on the male pyschi. Sorry ladies, if that offends, sorry. Honest.

Anywhosafats, back to the challenges of firehouse 'morrow. At least I got a surf in. Maybe more on Saturday. Either that, or MFB, CFD. ..... .... .... ( measure for box, call for dirt )

Planning on doing a photoblog of the day 'morrow. Got the digicam, and Hello thingy, maybe it will spark something in my pre-dementia mind that will be creative. Day starts at 0500, so garrans I wont be a pretty sight for the 1st series. We will see. Should irritate the fuck outta the guys at the station. (insert quite evil laugh track)

Pre-fathers day aloha to fathers, fathers-to-be, step-fathers, etc. Raise strong, smart, dedicate men, for your sons, and determined, strong, and loving women for your daughters. The legacy you leave, you entrust to those you nurture. Strong roots last thru winds of change, winds of destruction, breezes of refreshment. Fucked poetry, yes, but the best I can do on a messed up mind.

Koni-bear: If you still remember this site's web address, and read it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

You are a wonderful son, a pride in my eyes, and deserving of all the good that comes your way. We love you a ton.

Me Kealoha Pumehana, Hauoli Lahanau.

I still miss that little Mr T, the fat little blackbear, witht the mohawk 'do.

God Bless You.

Aloha, Peace.


What you call blue.

Surfed the "Sino Wall" this AM. Good enuf for me. Fun waves, no waves of consequence (that is for you SK) Couple of worthwhile sets. Canoe paddler guy at first, then couple hours later, he comes by again. Stoked a comment my way. Made me think, and the rest of the day wasnt as bad as it coulda been. Did a bunch of thinking out in the H20 today. "Hows that you say?" "How can a man with no mind, think?" Ah humor at its finest. And you dont pay for it either. Well, maybe in a sense you DO.

All that thought'en worked me up into a real brain freeze. "Nothing left here but the burnt bearings from a previous owner, Ma!" (WTF with the hick accent, I dunno) Found the morning to be just as enjoyable as it always is for me.

But enough about me.

Lets talk about retarded In - Laws.

Oh, a realm you wont likely see again in print, cause these twerps are classic.

Bro-in-law #1 - Older than C, and by God he is heavier, too! ( Like 400 lbs of walking manhood, baby!!) He is in the business. We will leave that at that. No sense ruining his exsistence anymore than it is already. A lying, bullshiting, ( yeah, I know, same difference) money grubbing piece of art. No idea on what the word "reality" means. Went to the same HS as me. 1 year ahead. What a doofus. God, how hard it is when the whole fricking island knows what a moron ( my favorite word) I have as a relative. I ignore him at all costs. Hard to do when you block out the sun.

Bro-in-law #2 - Younger than C. Wears more make-up than her, too. Yes, the proud relative is a Gay, cross-dressing, hairdresser. Combine that wonderous combo with the fact that he is a Meth addict, ...Voila! He can suck dick, and spontaneously ignite your balls at the same time. Great at parties! Has a talent, (no, no, no!) but wastes his time getting high for days only to turn around and become a real asshole after the "crash". You know how hot looking girls love hairdressing gays? We have a winner here folks! He has more either real good looking ones calling him up, or ones with big $$, than Freddie Mercury has cum stains on his bed. (Sorry Queen fans, I know, he is dead.) Probably has made more $ than I in this life time, (have you ever seen how much these guys charge for a bullshit hair-do?, and they tell the client so much frivilous crap, it amazes) but wastes it all on drugs. Lives outta mind, outta sight, down in the "rainbow" section of town. Actually argues with my daughter over ... girl shit. Weird.

Sis-in-law #1 - Younger again than C. Meth addict, but the fatteset mo'fo meth head you will ever see. Probably more ignorant than a rock. A real rock, that is. Homeless. Sad. But not so friggin sad that I have pity. Tried to, got ripped off. Husband is in jail, lost her kids to CPS, ah the list goes on and on. Waste of time to drag on about it.

And the final entry to this hall of horror - Sis -in-law#2 (actually could be 2 & 3, she is so fucking huge, and so psychotic, there has to be 2 of her) This is the creme brulee of the crew. Pathological, I do mean pathological, liar. Lies about anything and everything. All the time. I mean, stuff You Know she knows you know she is bullshitting. All without batting an eye. A non-stop, yakker. The most revolting tone of voice, kind of a cross between a Cali Valley girl, and chalk-board nails. Her husband, fine doofus that he is, is just as lame as her. He believes her bullshit. More fucking morons.

And these have kids, too. That'll be another gem of a post.

Guess that is enuf of a rant, more positive, maybe, later.



Pheng Shooey

Placing something in a specified area to generate good/bad karma luck ( roughly thereabouts) Sounds good, yeah? I guess that is why dogs shit right where you will next step.

"dog shit luck?"

Anyway .... Not much on the plate for today, unless you count nuclear meltdown with Mai-Mai, ( over not calling me about a problem at home ) and having to go thru the wringer to find out the facts. This after dealing with BS from C, on her mooooooooooooooood over her work/situation crap. So I feel like shit for yelling at her, and demanding to know what happened. It all started because I looked at the caller ID to see if while I was at this friggin hotel, if any important calls came in. (God forbid if I ever get a message from my troops) I noticed one that i thought was from one of the fire stations by my home. Called the #, only to find out it was the HPD (police) area station down the road. Thus began the inqusition. The most upsetting thing about all of it was that Mai didnt call me. So that pissed me off. Already Mai had recently screwed up her cell phone ( due to neglect, and carelessness) So went to Cingular to figger shit out....Bottom line, wasted alot of time and frustration over.....(you guessed it) .... SHIT.

Guilty. Guilty as charged. Of course Mai, in all her innocence, and brightness, has to go and say "at least I was smart to call the police" with the saddest, almost tears face.

Damn if I didnt feel like a heel. A heel that ground in a big pile of dog shit.

On the brighter side, K got CPR certified today. I am proud of that. A small accomplishment sure, but for him it could gude him to be something more in this life. A worthwhile entrant in this human race. Good on ya, Kaimi. Good on ya.

Surf to come up, looks like small increase on the Southshores, Phhfffht!

C - you are really driving me outta my gourd lately, REALLY. (Arrrrrrgggghhh!)

Peace, and Aloha.


Special Ed., Tofu, Tattoos, Inane Tourists, & Poi

Got Poi? Had Hawaiian food at the station last night. Wonderful. If you dont like it, More for me. Thanks.

Around 2230, comes these 2 gorgeous women to the station. If you want a reaction from firemen, be a gorgeous woman, come by the station at 2230 (1030) and be friendly. You are guranteed attention. Nice women, friendly, took pix of the firetruck, etc. Came with a firefighter who was off duty. For me, I got no ulterior motives. They were nice people, thats enuf for me. Whatever other adults do with their life, that is there business. But I am a man, and these women were gorgeous. It aint a sin to look.

Surfed the Point this AM. Good enuf go out. Noone out but me. Brain meditation, body cleaning time. Caught a few good waves. 'enuf for a smile on my face.

Working at the Hotel now. Monday night Luau hell. 600+ covers. Unorganized mayhem to seat them, vouchers, credit cards, assholes.

Of course, there always has to be the all-important-I-am-queen-cunt-of-the-world-kiss-my-white-ass bitch that has to let us know how upset she/he/it is.

"This is ridiculous, I pay good money, not to wait in line"

(Yeah, and the other, quiet, patient people in front of you did too)

"YOU need to organize this better"

(Uh, do you see MANAGER written anywhere on my face?)

#2 Twat standing with bitch #1 - " Yeah, why dont YOU do something about this, we pay good money for this, not to stand in line!"

(Now thats original, had to think up a little extra to add to the other twats comment, did we?)

"I want to see a manager now!!!!!!"

(oh yes, dear, believe me you will)

So i direct the snivelling cunt to the director of the event, and he meekly kisses her ass.

(In the mean time, unbeknownest to her highness, yours truly has called her hotel, claimed to be herhusband, and asked the concierge to call my Credit Card company and report the card used to gurantee "our" room to be reported stolen, and to please alert the Manager of the hotel, the front desk, and security. Didnt have time to fuck with weakass #2, but she will understand, I am sure.)

Bottom line? When you act like shit, you get shit on back. You would be surprised at how many ways there are to fuck with idiots like this. The worst part is that I will feel guilty, but not for long, cause these shitheads deserve worse. It gets annoying to have dumbass' look down the crook of their nose at you.

I sometimes wish they woud have a massive heart attack, stroke, or spazz-out, so I could say as they draw their last dying breath, "I know CPR, I can save you, but you treat people like shit, so I dont think I will"

I would not do that, but damn, damn, damn...It sure does cross your mind after 23+ years of these kinds of cretins coming here.

Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.



So you be pissed. And why not? Dealing with everything in this fucked up cosmos called life, why not?

Just finished reading all kinds a shit

Ah yes SHIT.

Harmony In My Head

Welcome home. When you feel like shit, you look like shit. Bad hair cut. You look like shit. Bad vibes on the home fire. You feel like shit. Ah, for the joys of surfing. Oh no, you cant do that. You have to much shit to do. So you look to the sky, and say a prayer that the shit will stop.

And the passing bird shits on you.

If it wasnt for bad luck, ....

No i wont complete it with the standard shit,
because for want of a better explanation,
that would be the shits.

Hope everyone else on this great blue marble is doing better than moi.



Yo- Eleven, Hard 10, & Other Oddities

June heat is now in the house. So much for surfing today. Blah. 24hour shift yesterday @ the firehouse. Nothing exciting, so we get blessed on that account. Tough times at the old homestead lately, with C and her job BS, alas, it doesnt come to end, but continues on its ignorant way. At the Hotel now, and as usual, not looking forward to another night with the fools of the world, out on the vacation syndrome. Oh well. So be it. Cant seem to shake the "cereal depression" lows of late. Overwhelmed.

Trying too hard to accomplish what needs to be done.

1. Finish the remodelling of up-stairs (90% complete)
2. Refi the whole shit.
3. Get C on the road to work again, and keep her smiling for the time being. (Arrgggh!)
4. Get the promotional list out - (week at soonest)
5. Go surf. Bwahhahahahaha!
6. Pay the fricking bills.
6A. - When you got a backpack full of them, WTF?
7. Get promoted - assuming we are on the list...Argggggh, part 2
8. Study for the NEXT promotional test - End of July.
9. Have a beer.
10. Have another 1.

Went to get a haircut - (file this under things not to do when have a day off) at Fantastic Sams. Mistake. Big mistake.
Now I dont particularly figure myself as a primping kind of guy, so haircuts matter nada to me. Cheaper the better. Fricking 12 to 20 bucks for a gay guy to cut your mop is kinda ridiculous, and having a gay-hairdressing brother-in-law, I am no bigot. But explantions aside, he aint cutting my do anymore. Now you go to FS here, it is manned by immigrant Koreans & Vietnamese ladies, who, for the most part, are compotent enuf to cut ones locks. I have gone to this outlet before, and come out, unscathed. I hold no predjudice to the ladies. They do the hair cutting thing, and I pay & tip them, and we all go on our happy way.


Ah, the facts - So me and the Mai-mai go to FS for the cutting. No line, step right up sir, your demolition is waiting!
Usually I get the 1 lady who always tells me in wonderful broken "engrish", about her life. I nod, close my eyes, and paitiently wait for the end. Pay, tip, ..Aloha, I am out the door.
But not today. Today I get "Angie". Now I know her name isnt "Angie" and I know she knows I know this, but I guess it is part of the FS experience. You as the customer, put down a bogus name, and they as the "stylist" give you a bogus one to call them. Fair enuf.
So "Angie" gets to work. "How shoort you like your cut?" - I should have run.
"not too short, just clean up the curls and length, thanks"
Hey, I am a simple guy. Surf, work, wear a baseball hat so I dont have to comb the mop.

How bad can you fuck up my hair?

"Angie" busts out the buzzers.

"Angie" cuts with abandon. And cuts. And cuts. "Angie" answers the phone. "Chew cum down in arout fifteen minutes, Okay?"

Note to self- No more "Angie".

"Angie" gets back to the demolition at hand. Buzzzzzz. I close my eyes, and think, I am going to have to pay for this, and tip her, for the God awful results that are assured to come outta this. Ah, FUCK.

I can hear in the "waiting" area, Maile with my cell phone doodling with it. Maile is 13. Maile has a new attitude. I am going to wring her neck. Maile calls C,--- yap, yap, yap. The demo continues, and by my own imagination, (cause I aint looking!!!!) it is not getting better.

Maile comes to the torture chair I am in. "Dad?" "Uh, Can I go over to Jamba Juice?" Yean, Mai, go ahead.

Wonderful daughter of my loins then proceeds to back away, without "Angie" seeing makes the well known universal sign of "finger-in-the-mouth" gag.

Oh, the joy.

"Angie" bust out the big guns.

"Angie" cuts my ear.

"Angie"....well lets put it like this - It didnt get worse. But it sure is not getting better.

End damage- 13 bucks for the hammer job, 3 bucks for tip, 5 dollars Jamba.

Endless ridicule at the Station, wife hates the cut, Maile laughs.

"Angie" smiles, says " ah, gooot, Yew no need hat anymore.."


I turn, smile, head toward the door.....

And put on my hat.



Is There Anybody Out There?

Aloha. I know, I know, what the hell tho' I will state the obvious. Does anyone actually READ this drivel? Whatever if the answer is no. I'd like to think so. But so what if not. I guess in the past rants and stokes, I have neglected to perhaps ignore stating a bit o' history for anyone who needs to know more.

Anyhow - Away we go : 46, Firefighter, Dad to 3 - 23 y/o that tries to right really hard, but gets distracted with the pleasure syndrome of partying. Oldest male, he tries to be a hoodlum, but has a beautiful heart. 21 y/o - That is the mellowest soul with the greatest attitude on the planet. Very solid youth. Trustworthy, dependable, mechanically inclined to tear apart every motor known to man. Good kid. Second boy. 13 y/o Daughter. Apple of my eye. Distracted to say the least, proud owner of ADHD, and proves it. Energetic, lover of animals and life. Goes a thousand MPH. All the time. Good crew, albeit a bit on the Dysfunctional side most of the time. Married to my childhood sweetheart for the past 24 years. Have been with her since October 25, 1973. Long fucking time. Would die for her, and she does drive me outta my mind with her own brand of insanity. Makes life miserable, at the same time lets me be her knight in shining armour.

Work at the firehouse 24 hour shifts for 10 to 11 days a month. Pay is OK, but not enough. Being a professional in Hawaii, it sucks, plain and simple. Soooooo, work part time at the "Pink Palace" hotel for the past 23 years. Plainly - I work for morons, deal with morons, and hate, absolutely hate, tourists that are ignorant. Jaded to a "T" with fools here on vacation. Not all, but the percentage is ridicoulous. My attitude on them sucks I know, but when We visit somewhere, we try to show class, and most of the ones that come here are, well, Fools.

Surfer. Surf as much as I humanly can when ever I have the time. Mornings before work, or when the swell hits, calling in sick. Definitely addicted. Not a poser. Although the "lifestyle" aspect of surfing is now a popular mode, true addicts live with threadbare boardshorts, dinged up boards, and less is more views. Would rather surf a lonely break than fight crowds at better spots. Truly the gift of God to be in the ocean. Only thing in this world that I can say makes me feel worthy of God's love. Majesty in the water. Stoked on the fact that I am healthy enough, in shape enough, to particiapte in the sport. Feel like the most blessed soul alive when surfing.

But with that, comes flat spells, time constraints, and demands of responsiblity. Juggling act times 10. Seems to work out most of the time, but lately, not as much as my soul needs.

Tend to be a bit Manic/Depressive. Highs are high, Lows not toooo low, but surly do feel them. I self medicate with Beer, no drugs, but mediation or time alone heals most of the time.

Love to go to Las Vegas. Not the addict gambler, but do love to play craps. Only been there 3 times. But caught on to dice setting and learned it pays to play smart at the tables. Nice break from dealing with the dead, and fires. Possibly the only younger guy at the tables full of oldsters in downtown Vegas. Would rather play with the old crowd than loud borish punks or yuppies. They older they are the more tales they tell.

Enjoy good books, movies and my family. Surfing is # 2 next to them, but closing in fast on the bad days.

End of history.



So now it is June. And the kids are out for summer. The hills are dry, and the idiots are ready to race around the "west side" of our island with road flares and golf ball drilled and filled with lighter fluid/gas. What fun. Brush fires,(wildland fires on the mainland) are useless. Nothing like spending hours and hours to douse water (which in the country, you have to work to get) on burning lumps of Kiawe Wood (similar & used for charcol briquits) For no friggin reason. The "west side" is low income. And low IQ. Stupid, ignorant, lazy welfare system "ice" heads with nothing better to do. I guess thrills for them is watching the valleys they live in burn for hours. Not to mention the fact it endangers the homes they live in. More morons.

It stretches the departments manpower, makes the guys (& ladies) take risks that are inherent to brushfire firefighting (uneven terrain, hillsides, exhaustion, etc..) For something of no value. (not counting natures destruction) I'll take a structure fire anyday - faster and easier to extinguish.

Speaking of the firehouse- Anyone want a job with us? Be one of the 6000+ applicants to sign up on line in the span of 4 days June 12-16 at www.honolulu.gov/hr - BTW, last time we had open recruitment was 2003, and 5000 applied, 3000+ took the test, and 1400+ passed.

We hired 120.

Noone quits, so you wait for retirement to fill the empty boots. And we will hire 'bout 120 more this round too. Have fun, good luck. It is not for hero-wannabes, either, Thank you.

Since 9-11 we have ENOUGH young dweebs that think they are FDNY in the flesh. Uh, NO. We have a job to do, you aint a hero, you are another firefighter who I expect to be behind/with me when the shit hits the fan. I will sacrifice my life for you, you better be ready to do the same for the other brothers & sisters out there too. You dont have time to think.

When you step into this world, you will get NO RESPECT, at all, UNTIL YOU EARN IT. And the firehouse there are no secerts. All your life we will know, your GF, you BF, your taxes, your hopes, your kids grades, the drunk you slept with the other night. We know it all. We eat together, live together, and work together. If you are not a team player, please do something else. There are enough indivduals out there already whose main focus is "I, ME, MINE"...

Nuff on that, looks to be surf coming (hope, hope hope) soon.

C goes to Maui tomorrow, Mai off for summer, i willbe driving Chief Killa again.

Aloha for now.