It isn't called "Aloha" for nothing...

No, it is not.

And sometimes you really need to dig very deep into your own soul to find some. Sometimes, you can not find it; even if you were born with it. At what point do you abandon Aloha/Love? At what point does Aloha mean good-bye? Does the arrival of its meaning of farewell gain use? Aloha means alot. Where is the line in the sand with ohana aloha? (famliy love) At which destination in lifes journey do you squander all that you have spoken, all that you have shown by example?

No matter if paradise, the Ua (rain) must fall.

How much can your Aloha withstand?

000,3 liab; grub, yrebbor.

Yeah, thats fucked. I deliab him.

...and that is where Aloha fills the emptiness.

The hole is large; but the aloha will be larger.




..was the liscense plate of the asshole that almost hit me on the way to PinkHell today.

Pissed; ranted. Called HPD. Made a report. It isnt the fact that he was a Samoan, but the fact that he acted sooooooo Sole like a typical Samoan - acting all tuff and shit.

Should be interesting when HPD pulls up to his door.

I guess Pink will be easy tonight.


Hope Alan got off the Strike. Best to ya man.




Today was unyielding. Kaleo is a bundle of exposed wiring; all charges going a 220 Volts. We watched a bee do his pollenation dance between flowers. "No, you cant step on the Bee, it will sting you" Which of course made him follow the Bee for 10 minutes, trying to step on him. Damn kiddo. And FWIW, I fuckin' hate My Space. I better stop with that rant, cause noone wants 10 pages of me cursing.


What else? Ah. Yeah. The old pink monster is raising her evil head again, with staff, guests, and assorted cretins exposing ever inventive ways to drive me lolo.

"Hello, This is Mrs. Gene Paskow in Room 1201, and I would like to order the following - - - "

Lets discuss, shall we?

1st - You are ordering room service. Fine dining at its fastest, right? Thats what you want, thats what I want. In other words - Lets make this a sexual quickie, and get you off the phone! The longer you take, the longer it takes.

2nd - I got your room, its on the phone. Dont make me get all looped and call you back at 4AM cause you were a asshole. Thankyouverymuch.

3rd - Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr, Preacher, bakers son...It dont get that fancy in the basement! Thank you for your wonderful introduction, but Pshaw! Just be nice and we all leave with our sanity, Kay?

4th - Lets not get all demanding on the order, OK? I write the orders, not the songs, Barry. The waiters will be informed of bad attitudes; what looks fancy may just be EXTRA fancy, capish?

Thank You.

And on the subject of waiters - (whom I have the absolute joy of cashing out every night I aint at the firehouse) Maybe you were shitty, and thats why you got stiffed. Some of you have no clue on how the system works - You kiss the guests ass, and if that doesnt work, kill 'em with kindness. Then be fast and attentive. Bingo. Money!

And you, management - Ha! Lets not staff anyone, so all around everyones pissed! Goooooooooooood thinking there, suits! Tie a bit tight again?


But Kaleo and Kekoa were good guys, and Mai got me to take her ass to school in the morn, and trafic was OK, and there is some surf, and I am almost outta here.....

Take Care -




..more days to a vacation respit.

..more days for anyone else to plan to get to Vegas.

..more days till yet again, I will be wandering the haunts of casinos dashed dreams.

..more days of work!

..more days to save the kala I have been saving on gas to fund my fun.

..more days.


...and you are all more than welcome to join in a respit of your own, ya know.


Good Morning!

Hey bro, we all gotta wake up on Mondays.

On a unrealted note - Thanks OJ! You are an asshole sociopath!


(I'll be working OJ, something you dont understand)



When you get a ice-cream headache, you stick your tounge to the roof of your mouth.

It goes away.

When you have headaches of normal variety, you stick your tounge in the salt water.

They dont go away, but the feel a whole lot wetter.

Some pretty good waves today. 3 Hours, no body damage. It is a good thing, Martha.



God Bless - F D N Y



No Can Forget.


Since May 27th, I have had 1 or 2 days sans work.

Also -

Been frustrated as a monkey-fuck with a persons behavoir, and lack of. Thats all I will say since Zillarage took all the good words.

Layed down the Moped.

Had my Dad go for heart stuffs, all good and all healed.

Found out that the garnishes arent always on the plate, above-board, or admitted to. (and you thought I was pissed with behavior? HA!)

Kaleo got his puppy shots round 2 , today.

Had another Grandson.

Not surfed enough.

Lost my mind.

Found it, under the heading of - "dumb ass"

Mai tuns 16 day after tomorrow.

Wondered out loud enough for God to hear - "..it wasnt my damn apple!"

Had many nights of little or no sleep.

Dove for squid once.*

Read a book before work, since I had time to kill since I wasnt gonna wait in hells home anymore, at Barnes N Nobles.

Thats screwed up ya know, really.

Got 1 fucking hair cut.

Answered too many stupid questions.

Gave 2 many bullshit answers.

and figured out that after soooo much crap, I cant say fuck it enough.

No take that back, I can.

Just have to say it underwater.


* its a double entendre. Not good.

Shoots then; back to pink-ness.


New moon, dark night.

Funk. Riddim and blues. Its a new morning, Gloria, take out the trash and hem the fences the damn cows are in the neighbors fields again.

There is a dark veil clouding the vision now; it comes up from the depths. Wrenching a nut, and turning a screw. Drilling the concrete unyielding. Somehow nothing is created from all of loves labor - How can that be? The fortitude of the forbidden city's wall! Ah yeah! That once was soft and tender is solidified in reigns of the elixir stubborn. You will always pay the piper. When you step up to the rail, no matter if you bet 1 or a hundred, you will pay the odds. The "vig". The math.

It is a gamble, no? Everything one does, is a game of chance. Even the non-bettor. No? You dont bet, you dont stand a ...chance... of a win. So you gambled against chance. What of your life investment? What will you turn to in the moment of calling? Will you look back and say - damn! that was sweet! Or will in be with deep dark remorse of what joys and happiness you missed. Or ruined.

Not? Of course not. If you change the subject matter every time faced with reality harsh lighting, you never face forward, do you? To the rear evil realistic thinking! Irregardless of consequence, forge on in unthinking expenditure of time, money, and heart.

Fuck the money, it is that fuckin heart... ..

Really why trample that? What did the heart do to you? When did the heart curse you? When? It did not. The brain, yeah. The voice, yeah. Even the hands. But that heart ever dedicated, ever wholesome, never did. That heart is not perfection, but dwells in perfect love, love of the other.


Many more than one heart can bear. Isnt that why you unite? To stand together?

That be together; mingled. Joined. United. Copulated, and dancing in that lovely bliss of after.


Remember after?


After the rain, the odor lingers. Linger in the after. After the sun comes the shade. The cool after.

You can stand together, you can stand alone, but you will never stand behind.

Neither shall I.




Room w/ A view, Neosponge Photo.

Lugging my big old back-pack of bills. Mosying around on 5HP and teaspoons of petrol. Walking Chumpster to the Marina. It starts raining more often now. Another wonderful football season starts. Throw rocks in the water. Papaya for breakfast. Slicing SPAM and frying it with a egg over medium.

What exactly was that on the ground near the intersection of Kalanianaole Highway and Kilauea?

And Crash Test Dummies lyrics.

I know that you don't love me
I know you hate my guts
I know the nasty things you say
About me, to those sluts

Well, maybe I'm a weasel
Maybe I'm a liar
Maybe I'm a skinny punk
Who couldn't change a tire

I'm laying down and I'm playing dead
I ain't fetchin' no stick, no way, baby

I've always been this pasty
I've always been this shape
I'm just a teensy-weensy thing
Passed on by itsy-bitsy apes

I'm laying down and I'm playing dead
I ain't fetchin' no stick, no way, baby

You know that you could train me
You know I'd sit and beg
But you think I'm just a dirty dog
That tried to hump that pretty leg

I'm laying down and I'm playing dead
I ain't fetchin' no stick, no way, baby