Step 3

I fu kno union shit thats where I be.



No one ever said righteous was easy.


Kekoa has become a institution of sorts.

He has all the earmarkings of a child that will be something other than a handfull. More like a armsfull. He is without a doubt, a very likable kid; but man he is world wise. He will ignore most all attempts at conscription, but will hug and love w/ the best of them.

I have little doubt that he will enjoy contact sports, as he plows into and over most humans and obstacles in his path.

Linebacker 101 will commence shortly.

That if he doesnt keep throwing things; maybe a QB, if he can stop chewing and eating for a second.


I am a insane person

...and I surf. I lose touch in many ways, but Mom ocean revives me


Sanity Check

Surfed. Why? Because mentally and physicaly, I needed it. The BS at certain places is unreal.


Hauoli La Hanau

Happy New Year Peoples.

Best of everything to all in 2011.