Damn it.

Thats what I thought.

Damn it to Nth degree.

You know your in that void when the lemonade that yo made from the lemons that were given are not only way tooooo sour; but putrid as well.

But I did fart around with Kaleo & Kekoa, and Mai was picked up from school.

And the freaking sun will prolly come up tomorrow.

Albeit 777 points lighter.



Hi, I'm Mark and I am a Doofus.

You know what? What? I am a doofus.

No shit sherlock! It aint like the powers that be never notice! Hey! Being trampled afoot by those who you aloha is to be expwcted, no?

Douche bag, you put a 'w' where a 'e' was supposed to go, moron.


Ahhh the battles in my head; there is someone in there; but its not me.

(plagirism courtesy Pink Floyd, thank you very much)

I could shine on like a crazy diamond, but not right now. I busy.

The old doofi has been working as much as he can at the jobs 1 & 2, but the damn biotch of the situation is that shit is not cutting it, thanks GWB, oil companies, the moon, the fucking wind and anyone else that i really care to freaking blame.

Now me has gots to go and work a whole friggin bunch more hours at the NEW PINK - (the Moana) - good staff; not me who is bitching; god bless drunken bar patrons)

But WTF - (using all that goddamn cool text abbrev, donycha know) I will FKNG survive.


Ther eaint no swells on the horizon, BTW.

(oooooooOOOOooOooOoOoooo, more cool text abbrev!)

Grant me a pass, friends, Aloha to you all.

Me just vent, me just vent.


Mahalo, Edgar.

I have surfed for over 35 years. Never had any pictures of said act of better than sex addiction of mine.
Thanks, Edgar for something that means a lot to me, that my own family doesnt get......


Its Surf Time

Went for a surf; I am 20 shades of bummed, and not really too clear, but hey its all good.
Shit; Thats better.