96 Hours about 7 days

Mrs. LK, and Little Kenny sent a care package of assorted sweetness to the home yesterday.


Not enough "Mahalo's" to go out to you both. Of course, my dentist, well, all our dentists, will be even more happy, too. I hear they are planning their summer homes, as of now.

I Keed, I keeed.

I be sending a appropo card back at ya, as soon as this next week from hell finishes up.

Yep. 96 hours minimum of work in the next 7 days.

I'm sooooooo excited.

Can you feel it?

Green with envy I bet, eh?

This too, shall pass.

"Pass out" More likely.

Shoots! - Aloha!

Did I mention you guys - R O C K? -


Honoka'a for a day..

The motley crew went to the big isle for just over 24 hours. My first day and a half off for 2008.

On Hawaiian Air, we had to take a later flight since the web site has mis-information on what are the requirements to transport a pup. At the gate, we had to buy another kennel since the one we had (airline aprroved on the thing) - Wasnt. So we wait and extra 2 hours at the terminal w/ Bin Laden's trainee ( Kaleo ) ....Fun, but tiresome.




Me, her, Mai, Kiana, and Champster are off to Honoka'a tomorrow to deliver Momhawaiianmark and Dadhawaiianmark a new puppy.

My new ride

In order - Kiana hands (pink) KJ hands, and Kekoa's luau feet.

1 more year to a half-century.



The Little Kenny

I told ya the world was small.



The world is very, very small.

For the second time, I am hooking up with Little Kenny and his wife Imelda, this time here in Aloha-Land.

Who'd a thunk it that thru the magic of just reading that 3 folks would span the ocean and meet in Vegas once, and in my home, tonight.

Very, very cool.

Some shots from going surfing (I know, for real)

Bummers is I am sick like a mofo. The kids infected me with the flu/shitskis/barfies....Such is life.



Tuning in, up and on. Maybe close to off but, nah.

Keep the faith. The delirious rantings of semi-sane surfer person will continue.

Maybe thats not-so-good in the internet world, but, alas....WTF!

no worry, beef curry.

Seismic occurances and benevolent workings of the employment-kine relegate meself to frikkin' precious amounts of time .... = NADA.

God/Goddess/Buddha/Mohammed/Leroy?/whateverdeityfloatsyerboat/ protection and guidance to all...in 2008.

From the middle of da sea.