Its like 68 degrees here and using blankets.

I know - fuck me.


Bus Ride Fun

Dragging them on the bus with the queen; off to the shopping center.

Kekoa nailed me in the eye-socket orbit right at the temple and I now have a black eye. While bent over him to put back a LEGO box; he jumped up and nailed me square; saw stars and 10 minutes after came close to pasing out on he escalator. Scarred the shit out of the queen.

Just another fun day.

Will I survive the rest of the keiki years?

...and worse, I turned fifty-freaking-one today.


Waikiki Paddle Board Stuff

Friday Furlough Kids off and lets go beach day.


The MailBox Incident

They better be staring off into the surf....

Quieter Day

Ding and Dong were especially industrious today. Kaleo had half day of pre-school, and Kekoa as usual, was preparing for the dismantling of his dear bro the minute he got home.

They have this 4x4 truck thingy that is battery powered. Kaleo drives, and Kekoa pretty much co-pilots. Usually....USUALLY...they are prety good, we live on a safe loop, and I tail them around if they venture onto the quiet street.

They did, I followed, all good.

Drove into the neighbors yard, as usual, they are petty good about steering and not damaging themselves or the property.

U S U A L L Y.

Today Kaleo felt it important to pay no attention to going forward, but rather look backwards.

They smashed the next door mail-box, cracking it at the base.

Giving me 1 and half hour to - - -

Buy a piece of PVC pipe


dig hole out

replace the pole

attach the mail-box

replant the sod around the pole

get to work at the Hotel


I think



Big Isle Escape

Went to see Mom & Dad. Small kine escape.